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Bajingo Juice can bring BFP presents this Christmas Season - TTC#1 in our 30s - Page 5

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I hope you can enjoy your holiday in Oregon and that AF doesn't find you.


AFM, DH's parents told him that because they are still sick that we shouldn't come to Canada for Christmas. DH is sad so I need to do something extra special for him for Christmas here at home. Still trying to figure that out since I have his gifts for him already and basically he knows what those are. I need to get creative :)

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Lilac- is there a special meal you could fix him? A play/movie/show that he wants to see? Marathon sex session? Ice skating/sledding?

I am sorry he can't go home this year. I would be sad to not see my family for Christmas. Hopefully you guys still have a nice holiday!
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Getting ready to wrap this box for my BIL and saw this on the bottom. It's a sign for all of us!
Happy holidays everyone!
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Librarygirl, love that package!


Lilac, can't wait to hear what you figure out.


So AF still hasn't showed. Since I got 2 BFNs, I am late and therefore don't know when to expect AF. I am usually regular like a clock, so now I have a peek into the frustrations of people who aren't. There's no way to really know whether you're pregnant or expecting AF if you're not temping.


Things were not going well for a while. I felt like I was at my breaking point with finances, work, volunteer commitments, etc. and then in the past week everything settled into place. It was the most beautiful thing. I got my rental house occupied, I got a job offer, and I started my new volunteer commitment which will help me with my upcoming job. All of it is conducive to our future family life.


The only thing I am worried about is that DH's grandma is going into hospice and I'd hoped that she could meet at least our first baby. Now all I can hope is that she can know that DH will be a papa before she passes to the next life. Maybe that won't happen-- I need to be at peace with that.

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TeamViddy: I feel you. Being at peace is definitely the thread through this whole TTC process though. We put these conditions/deadlines in place that have some sort of meaning and it only adds more stress, like it's an obligation to fulfill and if we fail that makes us bad people... That's how I feel anyway.

Good to hear other parts of your life are falling into place though.

Regarding AF being late, when would you consider getting bloodwork?


Librarygirl: yes to magical thinking!


Lilac: sorry your plans have fallen through.


Hello everyone else! Happy holidays!


AFM: getting ready to leave town, into 2ww but not expecting much since we didn't really try.

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librarygirl, a special meal is something I will make for him and enjoy our holidays without having to wake up too early.  We will have fun :)  Love the amazon box, that is a very good image to think about.


TeamViddy, I hope that you either get a BFP or AF. Waiting is so hard.  I totally understand wanting to have a baby before significant family members pass away.  I knew 4 of my 8 grandparents and they were alive until I was 9 or 10 years old. Right now, my DH and I only have one grandparent alive - my maternal grandfather. I miss my grandparents and the opportunities to have my children meet them and enjoy their company.


dakipode, hope your holiday away is a great one.


AFM, slept in and now I am going to make a nice breakfast and decorate for Christmas.

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Teamviddy- I understand. DH's stepmother is dying and she doesn't have kids. DH is the closest to a son she has and I really wanted to give her a grandchild before she dies but it doesn't look like that will happen. I hope to at least be able to tell her we are expecting. It's hard. I am lucky to have 3 grandparents living and both grandfathers are pushing for great grand kids. My maternal grandmother will probably make some nasty comment, though. Apparently she was pretty unpleasant to my mom and aunts with each pregnancy announcement.

Ahhh, family....

AFM - still hoping that box was a sign (for all of us!) I will test tomorrow- 9dpo, just in case, so we can tell parents on Xmas day on the chance that we get our BFP this cycle.
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librarygirl, how did the testing go?


Everyone else, Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas BJers!
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Merry Christmas to you too Rosie and to the rest of the ladies who follow this thread!


I am making some cinnamon toast bread for a treat this morning.  Bread maker hasn't quite finished its cycle but I can't wait to eat some.

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Merry Christmas!

Well, I did get bfns on 9dpo and 10dpo, but I am happy and this cycle isn't over yet. Got carsick today- that never happens! DH just told me my boobs are bigger and have been since Sunday. So fingers crossed for a late Christmas present!
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I hope that late Christmas present comes through!


AFM, Christmas was a delightful relaxing times eating, playing kinect games, and playing other board games. 

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librarygirl - I love that picture! I hope that means BFPs for EVERYONE!!!


TeamViddy - hug2.gifI know how you feel - my dad is was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August and his health has been PLUMMETING since then. After my 18 week loss in March.. I've just really wanted him to meet a grand baby. I'm hoping you get your BFP soon.


Merry Christmas Lilac, Rosie and EVERYONE ELSE - I hope yours was awesome!


AFM - I had a pretty good Christmas. It was laid back - just the way I like it. Today I got up and tested with FMU - BFN. Got a text from my co-worker that she finally had her baby. It was really rough seeing her go through her pregnancy right after my loss.. but I made it. Since I was waking up from a nap when I got the text (I rarely take midday naps) - I decided to take a pm FRER.. and.....



Well, you decide. Do you see a faint line? Same test - different lighting.







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Thebyr, it is still early, but when I inverted the colors in paint, I didn't see any faint line come out clear.  Maybe give it another 48 hours and try again.


AFM, we finally got snow here in Michigan.  About 2 or 3 inches here where I live.  I cleaned off my husband's car so he could go to work and be there on time - crack of dawn 6 a.m. I am waiting for him to call me and say he got there okay, then I am going back to bed.  My brother and I painted our bathroom yesterday - a pretty yellow.  Can't wait to get my bathroom back to "normal" after having it primed for about 6 weeks and never getting to the painting stage.

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Here is my 10 dpo afternoon test. That line is a little better - even have some pink IRL. I might use a digi on Saturday.


We got some snow too (I'm also in the mitten)... I won't be venturing out of the house today. lol.. Besides, I have HORRIBLE back pain these days.. I'm no fun after about 20 minutes of walking around.

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Thebyr, I think you have a bfp, I see the line distinctly when I inverted the colors. I see the glow of green - I think you are pregnant!


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Congrats thebyr! I see the line! Hoping this is a sticky bean for you....dust.gif

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Thanks LILAC - a tweaker on babycenter pulled some pink. I surely FEEL preggers. I'll try a digi on Saturday (12 dpo). My afternoon and evening tests are better than my morning tests - so I think I'll test every evening from now on.



Thank you Just Jenny - I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this baby is sticky too.  It's been a LONG year. A few years ago I had an 8 week lost and now with my 18 week lost - I'm just SO nervous. Thank you for the sticky dust - I need it.

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i want to send sticky dust your way to thebyrjoy.gif

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Thank you Unusely!!!

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