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It has been almost 7 years since I diapered a newborn, and in that time I have apparently lent out my newborn cloth and didn't get it back...so I had to buy more!  I found a great shop that has used stuff and bought a bunch of covers and also a few FuzziBunz size small.  Will those work with a newborn, or will they be too big?  Also, I have BumGenius 1.0 inserts that I can put in them, but am wondering if that's too big for a newborn and what else I can stuff it with.  


I have a few preemie prefolds still and a large supply of infant prefolds, and bought a bunch of small PUL covers...will I be able to just trifold them into the covers for a newborn, or will the poo be a mess?  I think last time I had fitteds and didn't start the trifolding until he was older...I just can't remember about newborns!!



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No. Small fb perfect size won't fit a newborn. They'll fit sooner than a one size but not from birth You need a newborn option still.
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Size Small Fuzzibunz will not work until baby is about 15lbs.  I used XS on my newborn and he still didn't fit into those until he was about 3 weeks old.  He was very skinny. 

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Small FBs only work on super huge newborns.


I just trifolded my prefolds and washed a few more covers.

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sm FB didnt fit my kids until 10 lbs, DD2 was 10lbs 4 oz  at birth so they fit her just fine.  i have lots of infant prefolds so im just using a tri fold and using the FB for covers

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these are all old FB (pointy tab) not sure if the new ones fit differently

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Old style or new style (we have both) it won't matter. Too big.
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