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OMG, so excited!!

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Years ago, I talked to my sisters about circumcising and my little sister was so outraged by it.  Fast forward 5 years, she is married to a great guy who 'had' to be circumcised at age 12 and it was awful etc, so he thought it might be better to do it early (I really feel for him and the bad experience he had).  And then they found out they were having twin boys!

 I knew I had already planted that seed and made my point and so I didn't bring it up to them again (though I was on the edge of my seat). The babies were born tonight and she just texted me to send her info on taking care of intact boys, they decided not to do it!  I am so happy for my new nephews and so proud of my sister and bil!!  

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Very happy for your whole family.

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That's wonderful!!!  orngbiggrin.gif  I wish my twin nephews had been as lucky.  SIL is a follow-the-leader-type & well, I do things w/ my children just to be different from everyone else (according to her) so they were cut.  angry.gif


You never know who you will impact by speaking up!



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that must feel so good to see the seed you planted bear fruit like that!!!  wow

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