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Plan B, UC?

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I was talking to DF yesterday about how it seems like at least one of the OBs at the practice I'm going to seems a little trigger-happy on my having a repeat c-section, and what are we going to do if they try and pressure us to have an unnecessary c-section. He said, "Well, we'll come back here." I asked him what he meant by here, and he said home. That we would come back home, and have the baby here. Now I am thinking about what I need to do to get ready, how do I prepare?

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That's neat, that he has that much faith in your body. My husband casually mentioned UC before I had even thought of it & it gave me a confidence boost. But it's also been a crash education as I've been constantly reading the different maneuvers for shoulder dystocia, positions for breech, velamentous insertion, handling hypoxia, hemorrhage & the list goes on. I've had 3 very uneventful births w/ zero complications save the cord being wrapped 2 or 3x, praise God, but every birth is different. I like the student gynecology videos on youtube & medical/ midwifery blogs. We always keep bags of saline but we're hoping to order a transfusion kit & blood pressure cuff as money allows. We just like having medical supplies on hand.

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I just replied to your question in our DDC, but while I was reading this I was thinking....I have greatly appreciated the book "Heart & Hands" as well as having "Birth Emergency Skills Training" (B.E.S.T.) on hand!

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Have you read Gregory White's Emergency Childbirth handbook? You can find it for fre on pdf searching Google.I saved it to my computer so I don't have the link anymore.

I also found a free PDF for Laurie Morgan's The Power of Pleasurable Childbirth on Google. It has a lot of great information (although biased) and great unassisted birth stories.


Other than that there are tons of sites with homebirth ktis, you should be able to find some easy on google. I think one of the main ones is called inhishands.com, or something like that. I've found a few. prices range at about $60 for the fanciest set that even comes with a baby cap lol.


I google ALOT. I've found PDF lists of "what you need" for homebirth written by midwives, usually lots of towels, a couple of bowls, and blankets. you can tie the cord with boiled shoestring and cut it with boiled scissors, or you can just have a lotus birth and keep everything attached to baby.

I think the main thing to remember is not to tug on the umbillical cord to get it to come out faster. It is for me anyways.


Anyways, just look around online and there is ton of information out there. www.unassistedchildbirth.com has a list of books if you have time to order them and read them before baby is supposed to come.

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I would not be looking at medical stuff if planning a UC. The mind set is so different and what your options for what to do are very different, as well. I just don't even know what to say about saline bags and transfusion kits, really. I hope at least one of you is a medical professional.


I like Emergency Childbirth. Stand and Deliver has a copy of the PDF on the site. And Heart & Hands, especially the 4th edition, is apparently very UC friendly (I only have the 3rd edition). There's also some great UC videos on Youtube. Mine with ds3 is on there, but it's private.


I would have some Shepherd's Purse on hand in case of excessive bleeding and something to tie off the cord (eventually :) ) plus rubbing alcohol for sterilizing scissors (or a pair you can safely boil). Other than normal baby/post partum supplies, those are my main bare minimum birth items.

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I agree with the PP.  If I had a medical emergency, I'd go to the hospital.  Otherwise, I'd just...have a baby.  Maybe have some sterilized scissors on hand.

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