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Baby Ethan is here!!!

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pm for story :)
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Congratulations, Kaliki! I'm sorry you had to put up with sooo much BS from the hospital, but you and your DH sound like you both did an amazing job of advocating for Ethan's care. I'm glad you're home--have a wonderful, peaceful babymoon!

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Kaliki, I am so impressed by your story, thank you for sharing it with us!
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Great job mama and congrats again!!!  Welcome to the world to your perfect little boy!!


That nurse sounds horrible - and I can't believe they let so many people in your room and that you had to fight so hard about their silly policies.  You did an amazing job!


It's great you trusted the midwife who sounds like she was supportive!

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Congrats! What an inspirational story.

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So yes, it sucks that you had to deal with Beth, whoever she may be.  BUT . . . there is something good about being initiated into your mama bear :-)  You not only know you can do labor and birth - you also know you can protect your baby and yourself from senseless systems.  AWESOME!


Glad you're home, congratulations to you, your DH, and Ethan!

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What a beautiful story - I'm so glad you shared the whole thing.  And I'm so proud of you for how you stood up for yourself and your babe!  Congratulations!!!! 

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Congratulations on your little guy, and good for you for standing up for what you knew you wanted to do! It can be so easy to be intimidated... one reason I like to home birth. I don't think I'd have the gumption to stand up to nurses like Beth.

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Congratulations, and welcome to little Ethan! Your birth story sounds a lot like my #3, fighting hospital staff to get what you want & need. It is unfortunate that you had to deal with that in the midst of labor & post-birth bliss, but way to go!

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Thanks so much for sharing!  What an amazingly strong woman you are, to have coped so well with all of that AND been such an amazing advocate for yourself and your baby.  As a nurse, I am so sad to hear that you had to fight at all. :(  But an incredible story of strength, and inspiring for all of us!!!   Congratulations and I hope your postpartum time is blissful. :-)

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That's a beautiful and moving birth story. I'm so glad you went with your own instincts for your baby. You obviously knew what he needed. Congratulations! love.gif

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Thank you for sharing and congrats mama! 

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Congratulations! And I thank you for sharing your full story, as well! I know I'll be facing similar people at my hospital, so it's good to hear that it can be done the way I hope it does!

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Wow! You are an incredibly strong mama for standing up for your baby so many times. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations!!!

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thank you everyone for your nice comments. here is my little guy.

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! so cute!

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