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I haven't gotten the official word yet re: Girl or Boy, but I've been playing around with the old wives tales just to see what they say. It will be interesting to compare when I really know for sure, but for now:


Reasons I think it's a BOY:

*I'm already carrying high and out front (with DD I carried LOW from the start, but also rather OUT FRONT, because I'm short so the bump has nowhere to go!)

*I haven't really gained anything in my hips/thighs or bum yet (With DD I gained an entire INCH around my thighs during the first 20 weeks, and my butt gained so much that I got my only stretchmarks along the top of my butt. Although the weight-gain difference could be due to the fact that I AM running this time and didn't with DD)

*I'm craving savory, spicy, and sour things (with DD it was all sweets, all the time. During my first tri this time I actually had an aversion to sweet stuff!)

*My leg/underarm hair is growing like crazy!

*I have no acne (though I did suffer from a slight increase in the first tri, it was nothing like with DD)

*I ovulated during a male moon sign of either Pisces orAries (If you haven't heard of this you can go to this website and--if you know when you ovulated--check the moon sign With DD I ovulated under a female sign of Capricorn)

I have a lot of those symptoms in reverse :)  I tried that moonphase calendar, and it says girl for us having ovulated under the female sign of cancer, so that is right for us...and would be interesting since I feel like more of one sex is born toward the beginning of the month than the end, although obviously not 100%.  Every single one of us in my prenatal class is having a girl.  We have a wide spread of due dates though.