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Unfortunately I also just got the news that I have placenta previa. Ugh. This is not turning out at all like I had visioned. Apparently, like Amila said, ITP is not neccesarily a cause for concern unless it drops too low, but combined with previa, it's, as my doc and midwives put it, a "time bomb" because the ITP will make the complications of previa worse. This is really disheartening as it looks like I am not on the best track for the natural, healthy experience I had hoped for. 

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Oh Cynthiamoon, I'm sorry.  :(  Is there a chance the previa has time to resolve itself?

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Amila: I am so glad bleeding was not an issue for you. It is comforting to know people with positive experiences.

GIS: hopefully! I am 19wks now, so there's still 20 weeks or so of growth to go that might pull the placenta out of the way.
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Cynthiamoon, I'm so sorry to hear about the previa.  :(   I hope that it can resolve, and quickly so that you can feel a little more relaxed.   I know I would be feeling pretty anxious in your position. 


I am doing well.  After my second draw my midwives said that my platelets are indeed dropping, but slowly, and that it happens sometimes with pg women, for reasons no one knows.  I was told not to worry about it since my BP is good, and I'm still above 100.  They didn't seem to be worried about hellp, and they are pretty thorough, so I'm feeling comfortable about their judgment.


They did tell me to ask for a platelet count when the tech does my blood draw in labor, just in case I end up needing a c-section.  Also that if it gets too low, I wouldn't be able to have an epi (which I wasn't planning on, but you never know).  I had pitocin after my last birth because I kept bleeding, and they said I should probably expect to need it after this one. 

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