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Trying to stay positive til we get a postive :)

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I've been stressing myself out big time, with all the wondering if I'm doing everything right, and wondering if I'm pregnant, and wondering when I'll get pregnant if I'm not already! So, I decided it might be nice to think of positive outcomes of trying to conceive (other than the obvious, baby :) ).. I thought it might help to focus on the good instead of the stress!


What are some things that you guys have found positive about trying to conceive? For me, I notice that I'm taking way better care of myself- eating healthy foods, taking vitamins, exercise, etc..

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Hi there I am exactly the same especially when everyone else around me seems to fall so easily I find that having a positive attitude really helps. For me the positives are that it gives me and my OH more time to put money away in savings and do all the little things we want to.


How long have you been trying dahlia???

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I feel silly, but we've only been trying for about 2 months. I've felt ready for much longer though... just had to wait on a nervous husband lol eyesroll.gif How about you? How long have you been trying?


Saving money is a GREAT positive!! I'm also finding that it's been helpful to start rediscovering hobbies to help take my mind off of the wondering!

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Just joined and just read these posts. I'm equally as frustrated. 33yr old...been off the pill since June. I suppose I may have been jumping the gun a bit thinking it could happen right away...especially after being on the pill for 10 years... Thanks for the positive vibes! Baby dust on you two!
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good luck to you too!!

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Thank you for your positive post. :) 
I JUST joined this page and my husband and I have just came around to wanting children. 
I recently had my Mirena taken out the 26th of the November. We also have a few obstacles to over come while we are trying to conceive. Reason I love your post so much! It reminds me to keep my head up high and know just because it might take us a little longer than all of my friends (Who seem to all be able to get pregnant right when we decide we are trying.. ugh! Slightly bitter sweet. I am of course happy for all of my friends, but it still hurts. Am I wrong for feeling like way? And am I the only one?).
Anyway, even if it may take us longer, does not mean there is something wrong with me right off the bat and I should stress myself silly. Your helpful ideas sound like a great way to keep not only my mind positive and focused on the right path, but my husband's as well.
Thank you. hug2.gif

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I just posted a thread about feeling that way about pregnant friends! It sounds like we're in the same boat. Sending warm thoughts and positive vibes your way smile.gif

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I think ive been trying the longest then well be at 2 years ntnp in january bu twe have male factor infertility YES its is perfectly normal to have those bittersweet moments or pangs of jealousy when others announce their pregnancies but the best advice I can give is just enjoy the time you have with your partner you dont want sex to become a chore.


Positive thoughts ladies x

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Thought of another positive - my nails are fantastic from taking the prenatals!

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