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Having to wean early :(

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Well my son is seven months old this week and I am 10 weeks pregnant.  Are there any mommas out there who were able to nurse all the way through a pregnancy?  My milk completely changed and I had to start my son on formula :(

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Big hugs to you! My DD is older (20 months) and I'm about 7.5 weeks along so I can relate. It's crucial for your LO to get the nutrition he needs so I applaud you for recognizing that you needed to supplement. I would still offer him the breast if it isn't too painful because he can still get great immune benefit and comfort even if he is drinking very little. Would you consider tandem nursing once baby arrives? My DD cut back a bit on nursing and my supply is dropping but I think she will nurse through this pregnancy for comfort if nothing else. I really hope to tandem nurse but for now it's tough. Often guilt creeps in that I'm depriving DD but I just have to move past it. There are always compromises to be made in motherhood and we do the best we can. I'm not very coherent; I need to get to bed but I just wanted to say congratulations and you're not alone in the nursing while pregnant camp. On another thread I've read many moms write about their experiences and some made it through pregnancy and happily tandemed for a while. Good luck and check out the due date clubs! Lots of moms there with much experience to share.
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I nursed through three of my pregnancies and then tandem nursed those sets of kids until the older one weaned and it was just the little one.

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You can definitely do it mama!


I nursed DD1 through my 2nd pregnancy, and then both DD1 and DD2 during my 3rd pregnancy.  Would be tandem nursing during this one as well if outside factors hadn't contributed to weaning. :(

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my oldest nursed through my pregnancy with her brother. she was older though, turned 3 a month before he was born. he nursed until I was 11 or so weeks pregnant with my youngest but he was 3 and it was starting to hurt me a lot (didnt hurt the first time).

even if you have to supplement you can still bf before the formula and for boo-boos/bedtime etc.

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