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Baby True

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Truman Dhar arrived at 39 weeks on 12/1/12 at 11:27pm.  My water broke at 7am and we headed into the hospital after a leisurely shower, breakfast, and getting DD2 settled into her routine with Auntie and Grammie.  At the hospital we made it perfectly clear that we were there to labor on our own.  We walked the halls, lunged on stairs, sat on the ball etc.  all day and hung out with the doula.   She helped me to not get frustrated and to let the process unwind itself.  I trusted my body and kept the mantra that I was going that I was going to push the baby out and my body knew what to do.  At about 6pm the doctor started talking pit and we refused and held her off a bit, which she respected.  At 9pm things suddenly kicked in and before I could say active labor I was in transition!  I called the nurse when things started feeling funny and I was complete!  I went from 3.5cm to ready to push in about an hour.  I was scared to push but the doc was very helpful and encouraging with constant perineal massage.  I was determined to push him out by midnight.  I think it was 7 or 8 contractions and his head was out with the cord wrapped once.  I pushed his body out and the baby nurse pulled off my gown and put him on my skin where he stayed for at least the next two hours.  We waited for the cord to stop pulsing before cutting and the placenta delivery went very smoothly.  He gave one cry and then just looked at us.  Such a sweet, sweet baby.

We left the hospital the next afternoon and are enjoying our babymoon at home.  We are all head over heels in love and call him True.  6.6lbs, 19.25in.  My vbac baby.


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Beautiful beautiful!  Go, mama!

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He looks adorable! Congratulations, mama - very inspiring birth story. I'm glad you were able to have the birth you wanted!

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Beautiful esp.  Such a lovely birth story.  Lots of love to you two.  xox

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Yay esp!!  Sounds like a great birth, thank you for sharing.  Congrats to you and welcome to little True!

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So wonderful that it went so well for you! Beautiful baby.. congratulations!

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He is gorgeous Erin and you are amazing! Congratulations!

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he is beautiful! congrats mama!!! So happy for you all <3

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He's beautiful, as is the story of his birth--what a wonderful VBAC experience!


Congratulations again! joy.gif

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Hooray, esp! Such a sweet, sweet boy and what a wonderful birth story! So happy that you had such a wonderful VBAC!

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You don't know me since I'm sort of new to this due date club (have been checking in v periodically) but wanted to say CONGRATS and what a love and what a wonderful story - I'm hoping for a VBAC myself in the next few days and your post made my heart sing!  Enjoy your babymoon :D

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Congratulations!!! love.gif

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Oh, my goodness, how lovely. Congrats!

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Congratulations!!  How inspiring, and what an amazing story!  Beautiful baby. :-)  

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Congrats Esp. He is so cute. I love the nickname True!

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Amazing! Congratulations and welcome baby True!

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