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Measuring big?

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I went to my 2nd appointment today. We finally heard the heartbeat too! Yay!! I'm 14w3d or so I thought! I guess I'm measuring bigger than I should be. My midwife didn't tell me exactly where I was, but from what I could see she was feeling pretty close to my belly button.
I never got a dating ultrasound at all because I was pretty sure of my dates. I have really regular cycles, so I don't think my dates are off. But I guess anything is possible. I'm trying not to go crazy over the possibility of there being 2 babies in there. I would be super happy if there was. But I don't really know what the odds of that happening are. There is no history of twins in my family at all!
What I'm worried about is something like excess amniotic fluid or something that could be dangerous. She booked me an ultrasound for this Wednesday. So I guess I will know why soon enough. I guess I just want to see if anyone else is experiencing or has experienced something like this! Or if someone can ease my worries. Thanks smile.gif
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I measured 2-3 weeks big at my first appointment. My second is next week, so we'll see. She did say that often women measure big and even out before all is said and done.
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I'm not using a care provider this time, but with DS2 I was consistently ahead by 2-3 weeks, and had a healthy 9lb7oz baby.

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At my appt last week, my midwife initially thought I was big as she felt my uterus. She was also feeling around my belly button. When she got out the tape measure though, she said I was right on for 17 weeks.


based on that, I don't think simply feeling uterus around the belly button is enough to worry about measuring big, if no measurement was taken.

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This is good to know guys! Thanks! I'm excited for my ultrasound! I just want to see a healthy baby! And it would also be nice if they can tell me the sex of the baby. Fingers crossed. But I'm not getting my hopes up too high. smile.gif
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Just wanted to update. I had my ultrasound today, and the baby is doing great! too early to tell the sex which is okay! No explanation really for measuring big.
But they found a sub chorionic hematoma. I hadn't had any bleeding at all, so this was a huge shock. They told me it was from lifting too much and just doing too much. And I have to be basically on bed rest so that it can heal. I'm a bit scared as I've read some bad things about 2nd trimester SCH's. how it can cause placental abruption.. Ugh why did I even look it up!!? Anyways, I'm soo glad that this was caught early before it bled and I can give it a chance to heal. Now comes the hard part of not doing anything.. Glad that my baby is doing well and we got to take home some wonderful pictures. My next ultrasound is Jan 11. They will check to see if its healed up at that appt. I'm a bit nervous as to how I will deal after its healed. I feel like I could make it come back just by doing too much. The only heavy thing I was lifting is my son who's about 28lbs. I just don't know how it happened. Anyways! I know everything will be okay. It just sucks that its not the perfect textbook pregnancy that I had with my first. But I know this ultrasound happened for a reason, and I was meant to find out before it bled so I could let it heal! I'm glad about that.
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I'm so glad that your baby is doing great!  Sorry that they found another issue but like you said, it's best that they found it now.  I hope you are able to rest- I know that's hard with another little one running around!

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Thanks so much! I'm feeling a bit better about it today. I phoned my midwife and she assured me that if it was serious, they would have called her. So that makes me feel better. Hopefully it won't take long to heal! My midwife also said she would move our anatomy scan up earlier. (As I was gonna be 20 weeks when I would have been going Jan 11) to help my peace of mind. I'm so thankful for her! So now we will have a scan maybe at the end of December! Hope it's healed up by then. We will see!
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