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Birthday Party activity/game ideas for 10 yr old boy?

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I'm looking for some fun ideas for a birthday party for my son who is turning 10.  There may only be a few kids (between 3-8 total.) There will be at least one girl.


This is an indoor party that is being held at my friend's house (so I don't want to make a huge mess.)


I'd love your creative ideas!


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When my daughter was about that age we did an "indoor olympics" theme. Lots of fun games like beanbag toss (cut holes in a foam board or use a few baskets), limbo, carrying a marshmallow across the room on a spoon in your mouth, blowing ping pong balls with a straw across a tape line on the floor, pin the tail on the donkey (I think we used some goofy thing instead of a donkey, I don't remember what), Twister. It was good for a mixed group of boys and girls and everyone seemed to have a blast. There was a lot of laughter, and we were exhausted when it was over. I don't remember it being a big mess to clean up except that we seemed to be finding ping pong balls all over the house for a little while. :)

We did a similar theme a couple of years later that was "carnival." Same idea - carnival style games indoors, carnival food like popcorn in the little red and white boxes, pretend fortune telling with really goofy fortunes, etc. This one was for 6th graders, and even the ones dressed up and wearing makeup had a ton of fun.


If you're looking for something more mellow, what is your son into? Would he like a movie party (you could make it really dark in the room, rent or borrow a projector to make the film big like in a theater)? Would he like to play board or role playing games? Do science experiments? An afternoon party can be a little tough to find activities for that age. Seems like lots of our friends just take the kids out to the movies or pizza or something.

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I'll have pizza there but we're not going out anywhere.  So far, we'll be making flip books and playing a Who Am I game.

In my town, people spend tons of money on parties so I'm afraid the kids are going to think my son's party is "lame".  (All the kids are using that term and it annoys me).


Thanks for the suggestions!

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Legos are a popular activity with my almost 11 year old. You could have them build a project, or do a "Lego" party where they can take home what they build. The Lego store sells take home party kits, but you could also do it yourself, especially with a small number of kids. Also, board games are big for my son and his friends. So maybe a game party? When we have non-birthday parties at our house, they all seem to get the biggest kick out of just running around in a pack and doing their own thing. If there is any way to let them play outside, that is always good, too!

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Outdoors yes! That's the best idea. Tell the kids to bring coats if it's going to be cold.


Board games are good. Chess is another good one if he is in to that yet. And Legos are good too. Maybe if his friends are all in to Legos ask them to bring a creation they've done at home with them to the party.

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Thanks everyone.  It's funny, they weren't really interested in the organized stuff, they just wanted to play hide and seek and have balloon fights.  LOL  

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