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Older kids... What's your plan if you need to transfer?

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This is my 3rd birth, second at home.
I'm not really worried about a transfer at all, no reason to think I will need to, but want to have a plan just in case.

I am pretty sure we'll have someone here to hang out with the kids (7 and 4) as well as the midwife and DH.

But what's the best plan for an emergency transfer? Haul the kids along? Leave them here (we're 45 minutes away from the hospital)?

I know I won't be able to give my friend any idea of how long we might need her to stay and my boys are pretty comfortable with her, but will likely be stressed if they know something is wrong. My friend doesn't have young kids and works very part time, so I think she'd be willing and happy to help.

The one good thing about bringing them with us is my brother lives right by the hospital, so DH and kids could crash at his place if need be and be only 5 minutes from the hospital instead of 45 minutes away up at our house.

Thoughts? Other alternate plans I haven't thought of?
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Is your brother willing to help take care of them some so your dh can visit you on his own, if needed? If so, I'd say that's the ideal situation.


Personally, I have older older kids, and will probably hand them a 20, tell them to order pizza, feel free to watch movies all night, and keep their cell phones on loud so they will actually hear them ring when we call to update them on progress. lol We live 4 blocks from the hospital, though, so they could also just walk back and forth as they desire....


That's an idea. My kids didn't do sleepovers that young, but I know it's pretty common. I seem to remember turning down sleepover invites starting around pre-school age. Can you arrange with a friends parents to have a "sleepover" in case of transfer? Like a one time special treat for the kids, that also happens to provide care for them so you can focus on whatever complications caused the transfer?

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I'm sure my brother would be willing to help out, though his work schedule can be really busy. I'm kind of feeling like that's the best plan as well since he'd even give DH a spare key and maybe even take off work if need be.
If they can be set up at my brother's house we could even get a friend or two to come by and entertain the kids so DH can be with me and then he can go back to sleep with them.

We don't do sleepovers and I'm pretty sure neither of them would see it as a "treat" at all. Both of them still sleep in our family bed room.
They may be comfortable enough at my brother's to sleep there, even without us, but I really have no idea.

Thanks for your thoughts! I guess my title should be more like "older kids, but still young". smile.gif
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I would have the plan all in place, written out, in an envelope with the key, directions etc and the person watching the kids knows so if it is a very sudden transfer, you don't need to explain. Note for the kids too would be good.

Work it all out with brother in advance, the if when...


Then play it by ear. Real emergency transfer, I would probably have the kids come be closer, in their own time.

More routine, time to pack up and talk to them, I would have them stay home first and come later if needed.


It also depends if you were in hospital would you want DH with you full time, or to go to the older kids at night.

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