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Moving to Durham

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Hey mamas! My family has recently decided to make the move to Durham, NH this summer. I know it's quite a while out, but we will be starting from scratch! Need to know of all of the fun places to visit, where are the best places to eat, good CSA's, birthing choices, herbalists, etc etc etc.


Also, I am interested in finding out about any parenting groups in the area. We are generally AP and natural parents and would love to make friends with those with similar interests. My daughter is 18 months now and will be just over 2 years old when we make the move.

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Hi, welcome (soon) to Durham... I am in New Castle (just on the ocean-side of Portsmouth). My husband works in Durham (at UNH). Portsmouth is great to visit & shop & dine. I know a lot of people come in to Portsmouth from Durham a lot... And there is a health-food shop and running shop right in town too. I love that downtown Portsmouth is all *local* shops! You're also not too far from ME and NH beaches for the Summer...


I don't know too much yet on the parenting & birthing front as I just started to TTC this month for our first & I just started my own research myself. The only thing I know is that I want no drugs for the birth (presuming all goes well). I haven't thought too much about anything else yet...

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Durham and the Seacoast area of NH are wonderful!  I live in Dover and have 3 kiddos.  There's tons to do at the ocean, parks, etc.  There's a Children's Museum in Dover that is great.  Consider joining the Seacoast Mothers Association www.seacoastmothers.com to meet new people and also check out Seacoast Birth Matters in Kittery for all things related to natural birth.  http://www.seacoastbirthmatters.org/

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Oyster River Preschoolers group



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Thanks for all of the replies! We were just out in Durham last week for a house hunting trip and to scope out the area. It is beautiful and we are so excited about the move. Can't wait to join some parenting groups and get involved in the community.

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