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can anybody tell me what's the difference between baby led weaning and child led weaning?

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Baby led weaning is introducing solids at baby's own pace by offering everyday food for baby to pick up with her hands and get it to her mouth. This ensures that baby is ready for solids because she can sit in a high hair and has the motor skills to grasp food and put it in her mouth without assistance. Essentially it means skipping spoon feeding and purées.

Child led weaning means allowing a nursing child to continue nursing until he is ready to stop of his own will and mom not taking active steps to discourage or end the nursing relationship.

The confusion comes because in the first definition weaning is used in the British sense (starting solids) and in the second it is used in the North American sense (the ending of a nursing relationship).

So this forum is for discussing topics related to a toddler/young child choosing to end the nursing relationship. I think baby led weaning fits under parenting/ages and stages/life with a babe. In fact there are often multiple active threads there about introducing solids.

I hope that helps smile.gif
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thanks a lot!!

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