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10 yr old passing out..Help!

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I'm not sure if this is where this goes or should it be in the pre-teens?


Anyway, I have a 10 yr old son who has been passing out. Like this morning, I woke him up at 7am, he came out of his room, sat at the table and said he felt like he was going to be sick, but when he got up to go to the bathroom he fell to the floor. I ran to him and picked him up a little and he started to pass out, his eyes rolled back in his head and became really stiff, his breathing wasn't normal either. I layed him down on his side and that's when he went limp and passed right out. I put cold clothes on his forehead while saying his name over and over. He came through but was still a little weak. I brought him to the hospital and the Dr. took blood tests, everything came back normal. They sent us home.


This is not the first time he's done this, it has happened several times and the Dr. can't tell me what's going on. The last time my son did this he actually shook and teeth were clentched shut, he almost bit my finger off, he had an EEG done which came out normal. 


Has anyone had any similar experiences like this?

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I used to faint when I was a kid, (and still do but not as often) The fainting was triggered by certain pain (hitting a certain nerve, wind knocked out of me (but not all the time); I would get faint, fall down, often hurting myself more, on the fall down.  I did get an EEG (maybe that is what it was called, 40 years ago) and nothing showed up. They were testing for seizures and brain waves. "It" was never diagnosed. My grandma sometimes fainted and so did my dad.


Years later, my dad fainted and he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Vasovagal -  so now there is a name for all this fainting.


I'm not sure about your son, but see if he gets hurt before he faints - if I hit a certain spot on my funny bone, it could cause me to faint, or a certain spot on my knee. Or sometimes hits to the stomach (wind knock out), drinking going down the wrong way, hot hot cereal going down, ... I have a high pain tolerance, so its not about that, its certain nerve related. And the solution, is to avoid it. And if you do start to feel dizzy and faint, instruct your son to sit down and put his head between his legs. (When I got older, I  just laid down in baby position, and blacked out. It was only ever for a few minutes).


A difference though, my fainting was total relaxed. What have they said about seizures for your  son?

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Yeah, I'm thinking seizures more than fainting from your description. I think of fainting as simply losing consciousness in which case he would be totally relaxed and limp. So it sounds like he started out having a seizure and then lost consciousness. I'm not sure an EEG would show anything except if he happened to have an episode while the EEG was being done but I don't really know anything about it. I have a friend whose son had a couple of random seizures like that at a similar age. I'm not sure if he is taking any medicines to prevent them but he hasn't had one in a year and the doctors seemed to think he might just grow out of it.

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The Dr. is not ruling seizures out just yet. I'm waiting on a call for an appointment to get another EEG done. Hopefully we find out soon what is going on.

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