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Seperation Anxiety and School

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Ok I need some thoughts!!!

My DD is 5 1/2, normally really enjoys school and had no problem transitioning into Kindergarten full day

Now since last Thursday everything has drastically changed

First I can say it appears there have been no major changes at school or home since last week

Changes since end of October are:

teacher changed, they did transition to the new teacher nicely though and DD likes her

classroom has changed, she had 1 full week with the new teacher then we went on vacation for a week and then they were off for almost a full week on thanksgiving

We had the 3 year anniversary of my husband/her dad's passing second week of Nov.


My conclusion is its a combination of these things causing the problem. But I need some solutions!!!


She will no longer get on the bus, which her 2 sisters ride as well to the same school

I drove her them last Friday she fought but got out of car and was walked by teachers into school crying for me, she didnt eat all day, she was not in the classroom the 1st part of day because she was howling crying for me and to be home with me, she said she would walk home and was found later near the doors

Ok weekend comes we talk and she seems alright, she was not worrying about it all weekend and by late afternoon Friday she was fine

Monday- drop off morning was 1000x worse then Friday, the "restraint team" had to intervene because she was clung to me like a boa constrictor and they had to peel her off me, I had to go into a room with her and she was crying and crying clinging saying she wanted to be home with me

talked to the VP and he said I could pick her up 1/2 day and I did leave and pick her up and had her come home and do school worksheets I printed, she was surprised by that she said "I thought when you were early pick up you got to come home and play" hmmm interesting


Tuesday (today) again drop off was MAJOR deal, like yesterday, we had made arrangements to do 1/2 days for a while so she could be with me earlier, that does NOT make the drop off any easier, she is wearing my necklace to remind her of me, she has a photo of me in her bag, she knows I'm at home very close by, once I finally left her this morning she calmed down within five minutes so thats a good sign


I just need to hear from anyone whose been there and what helped...


I am planning on a sticker chart for her, if she can go to school without crying for a week she gets alone time out with mommy, even if she can do it the rest of the week, but I KNOW it WILL NOT WORK in the moment! she is fine till we are walking to go into the school then the panic attack starts


UGH!!!!!!! gut wrenching!!!! Makes me want to pull her and bring her home but I dont think thats the answer....

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Have you talked to both your daughter and her teacher? If it began suddenly, it seems logical that something happened to cause the change. Maybe a best friend moved and is no longer at school. Maybe she's being targeted now by a bully. Talk. Get information. That's the first step.
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yup done all that, there appears to be no major change, none at all thats whats weird

and my gut isnt feeling like something happened to her or someone was mean to her, so its really really strange

talked to her and her teacher and the other teachers, the fact that once I'm gone and she finally calms down she's fine and when I pick her up she's fine....

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What does she have to say about school?
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