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Great sofa for under $1000?

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Help me out ladies! I am on the prowl for a big, comfy sofa for our family and need to spend less than $1000. I would like it to be sturdy and inviting. Most likely with a section that has an attached footstool. (A sectional, but with backrest only on one side). I have found one sofa that fits the bill at ikea, but it isn't as plush as I'd like. Any thoughts on where else to look?
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i'm also on the hunt... most furnature places are much pricier than Ikea unfortuately, and i don't love their styles as well... this is the one i am likely buying:  http://www.daniafurniture.com/living/sectionals/item/3475 - the store is local for me.  good luck!

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That is really cute!  I went ahead and got the Karlstad Ikea couch, it came to about $900.  It is really sturdy and comfy, I am happy with it.  

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I've had a Karl for about three years.  I don't think it's comfy at all but I bought it for it's mid-century lines.  It's also not sturdy, unless you flip it up side down every other month and tighten it back up.

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We found our sectional at a small local furniture store that sold Ashley furniture at a discount. They had things like you're describing for under $1000, and they'll negotiate especially if it's in stock. Go on Google maps and see what locally owned stores you have around.

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big lots or furniture factory outlet around here.  its really going to vary by your location since many furniture stores are regional

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