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Exercise tracking/accountability thread?

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Would anyone be interested in a thread dedicated to holding ourselves accountable by tracking our exercise each month?  For me personally, I like to record mine in minutes (I set a total minute goal each month...for example, I've been trying to stick with 400 minutes a month minimum, but that seems realistic to me because it's doable, but also doesn't push me to where I'm exasperating physically painful issues I get during pregnancy, like SPD).  But I tend to be more motivated when I feel somewhat obligated to own up to those minutes "publicly" (as much as an anonymous online forum can qualify as such LOL).


Anybody?  I know we're a few days into the month already but I figured now is better than never!

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Better late than never, yes!


I would be interested in joining. In hopes that maybe I actually do something. I find it hard becuase, living in the Mid Atlantic, it is starting to get cold. I dont belong to a gym. But do take prenatal yoga once a week. I (and my midwife team) would like me to walk an hour a day. Brrr!


I like the idea of a monthly goal. It might make me feel less guilt ridden if I didnt get to excercise. (Why 400 min./month?)

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I do 400 because that's about 20 min a day 5 days a week, or about 15 minutes every day.  I tend to do at LEAST that (usually I hit 20-30 min/day), but I also start contracting a lot and have a lot of pain if I do too much, and I can't ever seem to predict how much "too much" will be at any given time, so at 400 at least I don't feel that I've failed. LOL  Plus it leaves room for other things...like I've been nasty sick since the beginning of the month and yesterday was the first day I was really able to handle working out again, so that's already 3 days gone with nothing to account for.


My exercise is all at home, too.  It's all really low impact, mostly just floor work, free weights, and pilates, and elliptical as my cardio (for a few more months until it's not so nasty outside).  Again, I'm pretty limited to that for physical reasons during pregnancy, but it's better than nothing!

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I'm in!

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So I guess my goal would be to excercise for 960 min a month.


Walk 45 min 5 days a week (all part of my commute, not actually walking for cardio)

And prenatal yoga once a week - 90 min


Any other walking or excercise would be great - but a bonus - hopefully to minimize the guilt for not doing it.


Started a new job on Monday, so I can actually start my record keeping at the begining of this month.

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My goal is to work my way back up to 6 hours per week of movement. Right now I'm mixing running on the ground, pool running, the elliptical,swimming, etc.


That would make my goal 1440 min. per month.  However, I'd be satisfied with 720 min. per month.

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You guys are making me look like a lazy bum!  I know my pregnancy induced "ailments" seem to start way earlier than most others, but dang! LOL 


Seriously though, even just walking through the grocery store can flare up this darn sciatica.  It sucks. :(  Thankfully though I've worked out an exercise routine that I can do regularly that isn't aggravating anything (my pubic bone is my biggest concern) but sadly I can't up the intensity or add much variety.  Oh well, as long as I keep moving...

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My garage is equipped as a crossfit gym so I just need to get out there and move around. I also have a treadmill that I could at least walk on during DD's naps. I don't have a minutes/hour goal because a lot of crossfit can be done in very short amounts of time. I'd just like to get out there and do at least three different movements, three times a week. The treadmill walking can stand to be at least 5. 

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Before I got pregnant, I was running about three miles four times a week. My husband was a cross country runner in high school and proudly went to state championships three times, so he was my "trainer." Which really means that he made me feel like crap about myself for not being able to run long distances and constantly pushed me to do more and more. Anyway, I had only been running for about three months when I got pregnant and morning sickness kicked in, knocking me off of my high horse. 

I've been REALLY lazy since then. So now I'm going to force myself to at least do an at-home walking video once a day five days a week. I have one that I really like (that I used when I first started losing weight before I began running) and it only lasts 45 minutes, so it's not strenuous. 

So I'm setting my "exercise" amount to 900 minutes a month. Of course, this is very light exercise. But it's better than nothing. And it's doable. 

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I have a hard time wrapping my mind around a minutes goal LOL.  My minimum goal right now is to do one of my two prenatal videos three times a week.  I am finding running is really hurting my hips lately so I think I'm over it until the postpartum period.  I live in NYC and I am often walking miles at a time just to do basic things with my kids, so that generally covers the days I don't formally work out.


As a pregnant homeschooling mom in school herself with a dissertating husband who has also been doing a lot of house construction (which left me in the lurch without a space to work out at times) and a little sister who is getting married in 9 days (!) this semester has been really tricky in terms of finding enough time to exercise and it bums me out because I feel much, much better when I do (both emotionally and physically).  My semester is winding down and the wedding will be over soon, so I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  My ideal goal would be working out with a prenatal video (which are a mix of strength and cardio) every other day and then making SURE I walk (either on the treadmill or because we're out and about) every day I don't do one of the videos.

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I went ahead and started a thread for actual tracking!  Thought it would be nicer to have it specifically for that.


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