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Clog as milk comes in - help, please!

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Hi all! I'm hoping someone can help. This is the second of three babies I've had his issue with and would like to remedy it before it's a problem. My first baby had zero issues breastfeeding. Milk was fine on both sides. My second baby, as my milk came in the upper right section of my left breast got incredibly hard and painful when my milk came in (i assume a clog) and never emptied as we breastfed or I pumped. The rest of the breast would be soft and that area still hard. As I nursed, that breast always had a hard spot and never made as much milk as my other breast.

I had a baby two days ago and my milk came in last night. We've been nursing all night and the same issue is happening again. I have the same hard area (if I squeeze my breast, I can very much feel the edges of the bum section) that's painful. Thinking it was a clog last time, I'm trying to get things moving before that area seemingly fails to make milk as we go forward, but I'm not 100% it's a clog.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or any ideas what it could be? I'm going to continue the clog remedies in hopes that I can fix whatever is going on before I fail to make milk out of that section of my breast again, but google isn't helping with any ideas., so I thought I'd check if anyone else had a similar issue.

Thanks for any help!!
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Dangling the breast as baby feeds was helpful for me. A changing table made that easy. The gravity should help. Also position baby's nose to point to the blocked duct to encourage draining. Warm compress coupled with massage followed by nursing worked also.
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Thanks for your reply. :) I ended up with a lactation consultant today who says it's not a clogged duct and thinks it may be an abscess in my breast, so I'm off to make an appointment to get it checked out. :/ Thanks for the help, though!

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Just checking in. Any improvement?
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Im curious as to the outcome as I have this same problem. What ended up being the issue? I didnt have it with my first but it hurts!
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If you are prone to clogs, take lecithin. One capsule/day will prevent clogs. I don't know about absesses though? I got clogs a bunch and mastitis twice with my first and once I started taking lecithin it never happened again. I have been taking it from day 1 this time and no clogs. I hope you feel better.


Hope: hi! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this too! Feel better!



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