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Hi all.. just sorta need to vent a little, and see if anyone else is having these feelings, or if I'm a terrible person.. I am getting so tired of hearing my pregnant friend talk about how easy it was for her to conceive. Both times she's been pregnant were just happy accidents for her. Why is it like that for some people? Don't get me wrong, I haven't been trying for long at all, but it still strikes me as insensitive for her to go on and on about how they, "weren't even trying hard" when she recently conceived her 2nd child.. and for her first, that was an unexpected twist as well. She frequently reminds me that it usually doesn't happen so fast, and that I shouldn't get my hopes up, and how rare it is for someone to conceive so quickly. I love my friend, but I'm finding it more and more difficult to carry on a conversation with her when I feel jealous and hurt by her insensitivity. Do any of you ladies have the same problem? How do you cope? She's one of my only friends with children, so she's who I typically would turn to talk to about when my period is late, or preggo symptoms, etc. But right now, I find myself avoiding the topic with her. Any advice?


Thanks, and sorry for the long whiney post

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Maybe she doesn't realize how insensitive she sounds.  She doesn't understand what it's like to really have to try and to not have it work out.  You could tell her that when she talks about how easy it is, it makes you feel bad because it hasn't been that easy for you.  She might be glad you told her.

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Thanks for the advice :) I'm going to try to figure out how to bring it up to her without it becoming an argument

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