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anyone feeling worse?

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I'm feeling sooooo much worse all of a sudden. I'm about 12 weeks and the last few days have been somehow worse than before. At the moment not only am I really nauseous, but I'm really dizzy and feel like I'm about to black out. I've also cried a few time today (it's not even 12 yet) for no apparent reason. My toddler woke up with a runny nose :) so we are both feeling gross. I though it was getting better and that I was about to be done with this part of it :( Ok I'm off to cry and eat some more.

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You know, I'm not worse morning sickness wise, but I'm definitely more sensitive to a lot of things the further along I get - specifically, low blood sugar. Could it be that you're not eating enough? I have to eat constantly, and finding that very challenging. When I don't, I get faint and extremely nauseous - without any warning, it's like I'm going to throw up RIGHT NOW. It sucks so bad. :(


It could also be that you've got a little bug that your body is trying to fight off...when we're pregnant, that's easier said than done - our bodies really do work overtime to do it all.


Hang in there - I'll bet you feel better in a few days!

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I did get really sick and had low energy at 12 weeks. I keep saying it must be the grand finally before the end. Then at 13 weeks I felt great. I am 14 weeks now. 

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Sounds like blood sugar issues. Try eating a protein first thing in the morning. I eat a few almonds before I do anything. Then be sure to eat every hour. Raw almonds mixed with raisins are a great snack because raisins give you a quick sugar spike and the almonds help sustain it. Also I would incorporate cinnamon which helps even out blood sugar. A sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon is a fave in our family. As a matter of fact my kids are eating that right now. :)


Hope you feel better! I'm 11 weeks and I've had a harder time this last couple of days too. So weird.

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Thank you!!

sweetmama you are right turns out I am fighting a bug, which explains some of the dizziness and pressure headaches.


circle vortex the idea of it going away soon is wonderful and gets me through the day so thank you for the reminder


Willsmomm the almonds and raisins seemed to help today and as a bonus I think I got more protein than usual cause I ate almonds nearly the whole day. Also the apples with cinnamon snack is fantastic, and I'm wondering why I've never tried this before.


Still feel pretty terrible, but I've gotten through another day and looking forward to feeling better.

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hope you kick the bug quick greenlady!. THanks for the snack suggestions- wishing I hadn't read this in bed... I might have to go down and get myself an apple with cinnamon- Sounds delish!

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Yeah - bugs during pregnancy are rough. I'm actually wondering if maybe I'm not fighting something also? It doesn't make sense why I suddenly feel soooo lethargic and sick again, after almost a week of feeling great. Maybe it's just pregnancy. :(


That reminds me of a snack I used to have all the time and LOVED - I'd dice up an apple itty bitty, toss it with raisins, chopped nuts and cinnamon and have it over vanilla yogurt. I could eat that right now - maybe.

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greensad.gif  I am feeling much worse, not sure what it is, could be a bug but I have been nursing a smoothie all day trying to get *something* in me.

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