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Cravings and aversions and food in general

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Anyone else having them yet? I really super want tuna sandwiches for lunch. Not all the time, just for lunch. With lettuce and tomato and wasabi mayonaise and slices of cheese....I'm getting all dreamy just thinking about it...and everything else sounds yucky. I suppose this is an improvement. Usually, I crave sushi and taco bell when pregnant. I've been making dh make mexican for dinner every night this week, though. No one else cares. It tastes good. =D But mmmm....tuna sandwiches...I broke down and had one yesterday. I've tried to research this one and the opinions range from NEVER eat tuna to no more than twice a week. I'm only eating like 1/3 - 1/4 of a can with each sandwich though because I mix it with celery and onions and sauces and things. So if I had 3 - 4 per week it would still only be one can of tuna per week, which isn't so bad....right?


I wish I was all uninformed like my first preg. All I had to do was find a doctor to give me permission and I'd feel perfectly justified...and man, some OBs will say that all kinds of things are fine. I have a friend who's preg right now and her dr told her 2 cups of coffee, 2 ciggerettes, and a glass of wine per day are fine. She thinks she's being super careful and healthy, and would absolutely have cut all that stuff out if the dr told her to, but thinks anyone that says not to is uninformed because the dr said it was ok. *eyeroll* Part of me would kill for that kind of ignorance sometimes, you know? A tuna sandwich is nothing compared to all that! 

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I had some tuna patties on the weekend that were so yummy, and I justified them with that research that says just limit it.  :)  I just really wanted them.....actually what I wanted the most was the homemade tarter sauce to go with them!  And I still have a bit of the tarter sauce left so I bought some GF fish sticks yesterday (which I've never bought ever!), but I for some reason really wanted them too.  I also saw someone in a show making macaroni and cheese and I just had to have it so I bought a box of GF mac and cheese........which I've never bought either!  :)  So yea, weird cravings!

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lol. how funny. homemade tartar sauce sounds incredible...maybe I'll have to make some of that sometime soon....mmmm....

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I know it sounds odd, but try herring instead of tuna. small fish, so bad stuff does not build up in the, and all the benefits of fish.


For me it is just how strong smells are. Weird things like almost unscented soap.

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I usually get an aversion to meat from week 6-10. Right now I'm craving my ultimate first trimester food- Annie's Mac and Cheese! My DD and I have been eating it all week. I almost got the family size today at the store, but decided that might be too much. :)

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There must be something in that powdered cheese, because I bought annie's this week too!  And last night Dh came home with cheetos (I know, not my best choice!), and they hit the spot!  I was feeling soooooo nauseous until I ate those!  Of course, earlier in the day I had been making something with cheese, and even the slices of cheddar were fabulous.......so maybe it's cheese in general.  :)


(right now I'm eating grapefruit and that pretty yummy too, so at least I'm not craving cheetos all the time!)

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I am craving salty food for sure. To be exact I crave BLTs I have never in my life liked bacon. So very weird for me.
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Oh ya...with Crash, I craved pepperoni pizza. I always hated pepperoni before him. Since that pregnancy, I don't love it anymore, but I don't mind it either. 

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Craved something yesterday that I haven't craved since my first pregnancy. Steak and Ale pie (like a stew of sorts, ale is cooked down) that I had when we went to Scotland about 7yrs ago. mmmmmm So today I made it! Definitely worth it. And salt. Been craving salty foods.

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My cravings have been going crazy!  I am craving cheese - I just went out and bought 4 kinds of yummy cheeses and some cheese strings too (totally blew the grocery budget on cheese).  I also crave my son's oat milk (he's dairy intolerant) and chai tea from my tassimo (sadly it's horribly expensive!).  Yoghurt drinks have been very palatable when I feel super sick in the mornings. 

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I had a very brief tuna craving about two weeks ago, but now the idea of any kind of fish (which I normally love) sends shivers of fear and vomiting down my back. I have been craving cheese big time also. Cheese is such a huge part of my diet normally that I may be part rat, but now it's especially cream cheese and string cheese. And with my pregnancy with my son, cheese sounded totally awful. Also last pregnancy, when hunger and nausea met, hunger usually won. This pregnancy, the nausea is winning and most everything sounds bad to me. I had to take a day off work today to curl up on the couch greensad.gif. Is it August yet?!
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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post

Is it August yet?!

Amen! Or at least late January...
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Also craving tuna sandwiches (I read that 6 oz/week is okay, and somewhere else I read 12 oz.).  I am also craving cottage cheese!

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My newest cravings are morning glory muffins, kraft dinner (mac n cheese), coconut cream buns, pizza, tomato soup, beef & brocolli, peanut butter on toast... I could name more but that's my current list.

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Same as last time, no cravings, just aversions.  My weirdest aversion, which repeated itself, is the smell of DH's frozen waffles.  I can't think of much that is more innocuous! nut.gif

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I have so been craving tuna as well, haven't given in, but I will try to find that other fish that someone suggested.  I have been contemplating getting salmon, but I don't like salmon, but thought since its fish it might help with the tuna craving.  The weird logic while your craving.  lol.gif  The store I buy stuff at is about 30 minutes away so I can't just go whenever I feel a craving.  Mac and cheese has been sounding good to me too, maybe I'll go make some homemade, I have some GF pasta I can use.  Yum!!  Cheese is big here too.  GF tortillas and bagels with cheese or cream cheese on them.

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Pumpkin loaf--yum!! eat.gif I'm trying to stay away from sugar, though.

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No cravings here, but I had an unexpected "ew" moment this morning. I made gingerbread last night and thought a small piece might make my stomach happy this morning... not so! Oh well, I'm getting plenty to eat without adding cake-y things to the menu.

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I haven't had any cravings, though I didn't have many last preg either. I have yet to feel really yucky but it's still early. I'm only at 4 weeks and a few days. I do get really hungry already!
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Originally Posted by AUvetmom View Post

I haven't had any cravings, though I didn't have many last preg either. I have yet to feel really yucky but it's still early. I'm only at 4 weeks and a few days. I do get really hungry already!


This is me lately.  Really early on I had a few symptoms but they've largely went away - which is a little disconcerting sometimes, but I remind myself that I didn't have any real symptoms with DS either.  I could eat all friggin' day though.  I have dinner and then I need a snack before bedtime, which I normally wouldn't do at all.

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