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This is me lately.  Really early on I had a few symptoms but they've largely went away - which is a little disconcerting sometimes, but I remind myself that I didn't have any real symptoms with DS either.  I could eat all friggin' day though.  I have dinner and then I need a snack before bedtime, which I normally wouldn't do at all.

I hear ya with the eating all the time!  I've been eating almost every hour or so, just something to keep my stomach from getting that empty nausea feeling.  I went to see the Hobbit this weekend, and there's a scene where Bilbo and the dwarves are all eating this huge feast and everything looked so good!  I decided what I'm craving is old-english peasant fare......lots of breads and cheeses and yummy sausages and fresh garden tomatoes!  That's what they all were eating, and I was practically drooling!  :)

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Eating all the time here, too.  Taking advantage of it now, because 1st time around by 7 weeks I wasn't eating at all, throwing up all the time and ended up losing 10 lbs. I didn't start being able to eat much until 20 weeks.  I am hoping, praying that it does not happen again.  For now I am eating mexican, mexican and more mexican. I am trying to stick to my pre-preg, paleo diet and loving the burrito bowl (sans rice) with extra guacamole from Chipotle :)  I am keeping the beans for now.   I can not tolerate chicken on the bone right now though the rest of my diet is still pretty much the same.  I find that I have to eat something right before bed and that definitely helps with the empty feeling in the morning.  Usually a banana lately works. 

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Boo. I just tried to drink some eggnog and (no joke) the smell of it turned to something like a bag of garbage. Ewww. That's too bad. I love eggnog. :-(
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I went to a Christmas potluck the other night and could barely eat a thing! Even things I'd normally like were just repulsive, either in smell or taste. greensad.gif I feel like I'm constantly hungry and nauseous but I do NOT want to eat. Sigh. I guess I'm just glad I'm not craving vanilla Dr. Pepper all the time, which I was before I got pg. Now I can go for a big lemon water and be happy. But the hunger/nausea/almost-vomiting, especially in the middle of the night, is horrid. Ugh.
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Geeze, Heather, I am in exactly the same boat. The only thing I've been interested in is fried chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants (yuck!!!). And only at lunch. The rest of the day, forget about it. Just gross. My kids keep asking me why I'm burping so much. Double gross. We're going to a potluck and I'm afraid I won't be able to stomach anything. This is worse than I've had it for my two sons. Maybe it's a girl? wink1.gif
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Can I jump in here? Melly Belly, I am glad I am not the only one having nasty fast food cravings.  Yesterday, my kids watched me sit in a McDonald's parking lot and stuff down an entire cheeseburger happy meal. horrors.gif

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I did have one bizarre craving the other day. The main character in the book I'm reading was making a tuna noodle casserole and I just could NOT get it out of my head. And I hate anything involving tuna and cheese. Luckily, I was at the gym, and it passed by the time I got home!


I haven't had any real aversions yet, I'm not even 5 weeks and my nausea is still mild. But sugary things have been giving me heartburn, which i probably all for the best, given how much weight i gained with DD.

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Originally Posted by aphel View Post

I did have one bizarre craving the other day. The main character in the book I'm reading was making a tuna noodle casserole and I just could NOT get it out of my head. And I hate anything involving tuna and cheese. Luckily, I was at the gym, and it passed by the time I got home!

Ha! I was reading a book this morning and the characters were having a picnic on the beach and I was like- OMG! I want everything they're having! Of course, I doubt how well I'd do if actually presented with hot dogs. No, I know how I'd do: not well! But I did text my husband and see if he could bring me some plain potato chips and dip. We'll see.

Mellybelly, I've also been craving chick-fil-a sandwiches though I tolerate them at varying levels depending on the day. This past week it's been no tolerance at all. It's gross but I'd rather eat something than nothing.

For weeks 4-8ish with my DS, I think I ate a McDonald's Big Breakfast almost every day. :-/
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I'm pretty sure I've gone to McDonald's once this pregnancy, too. redface.gif My current thing is Asian soups. I was running errands last night and ended up at the biggest area mall, sooo sick because I needed to eat. I was shocked to find a very authentic, freshly-prepared-everything Chinese restaurant right in my path. So I got my table for one and enjoyed the wonton soup and some dim sum (though I'd have been fine with about 3 bowls of soup!). Tonight, I decided I needed to order 2 large orders of wonton soup from a local place so I can eat it now and later. This kid, like my others, should really be born with Asian features, given how much Asian food I rely on through pregnancy! (We're both Caucasian, though!)

I am almost to 8 weeks and am soooo sick and tired of being so sick and tired! redface.gif Waking up in the middle of the night to vomit stomach acid is just NOT FUN. At least my food is mostly staying down. eyesroll.gif
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We visited my parents this weekend and my mom served green bean casserole with the dried onions on top. Yuuuuuum. I had seconds of it before bed, but couldn't really stomach any of the holiday sweets that were out.
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Chicken is grossing me out right now.  But only the kind I make at home.  Fast food chicken doesn't for some reason.  Maybe in my mind it isn't "real" chicken.


I am all over salty foods right now, especially chinese.  Or just fast/restaurant food in general.  I think that's because we don't eat out at all pretty much anymore.


I'm trying to stave off a craving for subway right now, but it's not working.

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Funny I just read this....DH is out right now fetching me subway. I am really craving fast food too. Was the same when pregnant with dc2
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Subway sounds so good right now! I'm jealous.

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I want Orange soda....I NEVER drink soda when not pregnant. There seems to be something about Yellow #5 and pregnancy hormones with me as it happened with my last two as well!shrug.gif

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I am having so many aversions it's awful! Most leafy greens (which I usually love), spaghetti (which I was craving daily until a few days ago switched to an aversion), apples, and sandwiches. I also seem to begin an aversion to a lot of things I crave. I eat it once or twice and then I can't stand it.

As for cravings - CITRUS. I seriously want to eat grapefruits all day.

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I drank water with lemon juice through my whole pregnancy with DD. And I don't mean a spritz of it, I drank what was basically lemonade with no sweetener. What is with the citrus craving?!

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I am on the citrus bandwagon also and lemonade is too sweet for me, so I'm with you on the lemon water. Funny, I usually love sweets, but don't even consider them during pregnancy.

I wonder if evolutionarily speaking, the citrus kills off any harmful bacteria or is just "safer" for compromised immune systems? I know it works wonders in household cleaners!

Also craving fast food a gross amount. Funny thing, my DH can bring me a burger from Sonic and I'll eat it no problem, but if he cooks a lean beef, organic delicious hamburger in our kitchen where I can smell it, I will be vomiting before it ever hits the plate! :-/
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Yeah, I feel like there has to be something behind the citrus thing because it seems so common. And I'm with you on the sweets as well. I have a terrible sweet tooth, but lately I can't touch the stuff. There are piles and piles of my MIL's christmas cookies in my kitchen, completely untouched. It's a total travesty!

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I`ve heard it's the folic acid in the citrus, and maybe even the vitamin C since our immune systems drop a bit. Either way, I can't get enough of the stuff!


I'm also with you guys on the sweets. I haven't been able to take anything sweet. There were no Christmas goodies for me this year.

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I'm all about the citrus, too. I picked up a grapefruit at the store today and couldn't resist the wonderfully tangy smell. And I never really buy grapefruit!
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