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Used Mattress, Yes? No?

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DF and I currently are sleeping on either the couches, or the floor, as we don't have a bed. We are going to try and save up money for a bed (or at least just a real mattress on the floor, as I'm pregnant and we will co-sleep), but not sure we will have it saved up before baby gets here. Anyway, I was talking to my mom, and she said that there are a lot of places that sell used mattresses, and we should go there, and get one. When I commented about germs, and bedbugs, and not knowing the history, she said spray with disinfectant, and cover with a plastic/cloth mattress cover, and that would kill germs and not let anything out. I still don't think that it's a good idea, and not comfortable with the idea of getting a used mattress, but maybe it's because I'm a germaphobe (?), and there's no actual harm/it's not that bad, and would save something from landfill, without exposing us to unknown things?

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I think as long as it doesn't have bedbugs, you are ok until you save up for something new. Growing up, my family (we were 4 kids on a farm during the early 80's- tough times!) never had new mattresses. In fact, last year we all chipped in and bought my dad and his wife the first new mattress of their lives, and they are in their 60's.

In a perfect world, we'd all sleep on organic locally made natural material beds. But in reality, we need something comfortable and affordable.

Personally, I'd skip the chemical disinfectants and air it out in the sun for awhile instead.

Good luck!

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I'd use the power of the sun, too.  Not sure where you're located, but if it's sunny, I'd let the sun do its thing.


If you're somewhere really cold (like me), I'd leave it outside to freeze for a few days.  Either way, Mother Nature will do her thing.

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When we needed a mattress and were strapped for cash we got a new 4wd camping mattress. It was self inflating, but half-foam and half inflatable. So if you got a hole in it it was still extremely thick and comfy. I slept on this for a year and it was the comfiest mattress I have ever owned! You have to get the proper quality ones, not a plain air mattress- they are horrible. They are pricey just for camping, but compared to spring and bed mattresses they are SO cheap. I have a chance to get an organic one now, but I am torn about getting another one of the camping ones instead as I know how comfy they are. And the organic one will just settle and be so hard and uncomfortable and it costs about 10 times as much! LOL. 

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