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Hi, I don't post here often but right now it is the only place that comes to mind... My 8 yr old suddenly told me that he has a doppelgänger following him around. He is not frightened, just angry to be constantly watched. He said it looks exactly like him, and tries to copy him and feeds off his energy. It is black and white, and does not speak. He also says that it's original form is the total opposite of him, and it wants to be him, and to get him into trouble.

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Well, there could be many causes for something like this... you should definitely consider consulting a **trusted** health care practitioner (which could be Western medicine, complementary medicine, or any modality you've found helpful in the past). 


That being said, though, there are some remedies from my tradition (Haitian Vodou) that can't really hurt and might help:


You should clean your son's sleeping area thoroughly, and either do a carpet sprinkle (if you have carpeting in there) or a floor wash (if you don't). Holy water, chamomile, hyssop, lemon peel and crushed eggshell are some of the traditional ingredients.  When you're cleaning the floor, be sure to start from the corner farthest away from the door, and move toward the door as you work, like you're "sweeping" the negative energy out of your son's room.  Once that's finished, you can sprinkle salt around the corners of the bed he uses, and hang holy symbols (from your own religious tradition, or the tradition your ancestors followed) over both the bed and the door.


Since your son says this entity "follows him around", you may also want to give him a head wash with similar ingredients, and you can add a small bit of liquid castile soap to make it like a shampoo.  Your son should start with the top of his head and scrub downwards, again like he's scrubbing the negativity off of him.  (If he is like many tween boys, you may need to double check to make sure he actually bathes and uses the head wash!!!)  ;)


Hope this is helpful!  Please check back in and give us an update.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Yes there can be so many causes for this, and I am not sure how I can best approach this. I have decided to let it play out a little more and try to make sure that he is getting enough sleep and keeping his days as stress- free as possible. At the same time, I would like to try some of the cleansing rituals you suggested. To be honest we had a bad patch some years back when he had repetitive violent nightmares and my aunt gave me some seeds that have been blessed to scatter through the apartment. I felt rather silly then, but now I am not so sure!! Thank you again.
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Hi, I thought I will give a quick update. My son has been able to pinpoint his first sighting and it was at his church kindergarten more than two years ago. We are not members f this church. I have done some digging and learned that there is a closed cemetary on the church ground where unclaimed graves have fallen into disrepair. I think it makes sense to go back to where it started so I will be contacting the resident priest to help this little child soul onwards.
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