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8 yr old complains of doppelgänger (x-post at spirituality)

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Hi, it's been a while. I am unsettled by my 8 yr old sudden .... Revelation? ... that he has a doppelgänger following him around tHrough the day. According to him, this creature looks exactly like him, watches him and tries to copy him. It is black and white and does not talk. He says it has been following him for a few years now and it is getting stronger. He feels it wants to be him, and it wants to get him into trouble by taunting him near other peopleso that he ends up hitting other people accidentally.

He said he did not want to tell me earlier because he was afraid I would think he is mental and put him away in a hospital. He does not want me to tell his OT and he said no therapists will understand.

I have cross post this at spirituality forum. But it also worries me that this may be something medical. Or an over active imagination. I have very mixed feelings about this and appreciate any input. Thanks.
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First off, how great that he came to you to tell you - he is trusting you enough to finally come forward!
How does he feel about this? Is he afraid of it? You mentioned he has 'accidentally hit' others because of it. Is there behaviour that you are concerned about that is purportedly a result of the doppelgänger? I don't have any first-hand personal experience to help you but I know my Mom has had unusual experiences right from childhood including out of body phenomenon so I have a very open mind to this kind of thing. With my Mom she can tend to be very closed off which I attribute in part to feeling worried of being labeled crazy as well. My suggestion would be to continue open, non-judgemental communication with him so he continues to feel safe talking to you about it... I would keep him updating you with his feelings on it and what is happening and I would probably only act on it if he is feeling distressed about this situation. If it is just imagination, it will go away in due time. If it is something more, he will either learn to acclimate this prescence in a safe way that works for him or perhaps it too goes away? I guess all I am saying is if it was my child I would let it play out a bit more before jumping to a place of professional help or medications etc...
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Thank you so much for your reply. I am still digesting what he said and it is great to read your sensible take on this. I am not feeling very sensible right now. smile.gif the accidental hitting was according to him, I have no recollection of anything that might be it. I am concerned because he went through a Hyde and jekyll stage when he was younger and he has been very intense ever since. He is not afraid, more angry. I will let this play out a bit more as u suggested. Thank you again.
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I can imagine feeling unsettled after hearing something like that! Good luck!
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Hi, I thought I will give a quick update even though it no longer belongs in this forum. My son has been able to give me a lot more details in the past few days, and he is very clear that this is not an imaginary friend but something he feared for some time. He seemed healthy and well in every other way, so we do not at this point think it is due to medical causes such as epilepsy or early bipolar etc. 


He was able to recall that the first time he saw it was at his former church kindergarten and it began following his group of friends, and eventually just him.  There is an old cemetary on the church ground facing the kindergarten and we have walked passed it many times. We are not members of the church and we have never went back since he left kindergarten. I have contacted the church and they recommend holding a special prayer for it to guide it onwards. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.

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Your son must be feeling very relieved to have told you, especially because you are taking him seriously and taking positive steps to help him. Good luck with the prayer, I hope your son is relieved of this presence soon!
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i can understand why you are concerned,

I used to see ghosts when I was a kid.

it was scary, but of course my parents never believed me.

we lived on a farm and that was where I saw them. I the farm house and near and in the barn.

my friend stayed over one night and we could both hear foot steps comming up the stairs . it was really creepy, they just kept comming . and we were the only ones I the house.

some places just have an evil feel. no matter how calm you try to be.

you are a very good mum for taking it seriously and trying to help
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Thank you for the support! DS is totally chilled about it right now and is apparently on very good terms with ..erm, it?him?? .. now. Interestingly, DS said he was frightened because he was worried he was going crazy - DH is a fundamental aethist so DS has been told all his young life that there is no such thing as spirits. We even explored science-fiction like scenarios in trying to understand this. To be believed meant A LOT to him. He is sleeping really well these past few nights and visibly more relaxed through the day. He said he has been dreaming a lot about his Shadow (as he calls it) ever since we traced it back to the church cemetary and they have fun together in his dreams. In the day time he is apparently counselling it.


The one person who is having a very hard time right now is DH who is a fervent aethist. His world is in upheavals. He fully intends to go grave hunting and columbarium checking. Apparently the remains were being unearthed and interred intermittently the year when DS was there. We have a rough indication of age and name and the priest agrees to give us access to the columbarium records. It will be interesting...

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I have always been totally atheist too,and I still am

I was renting a house once and the people whose were living there before me told me they moved o ut because it was haunted by be of the girls grandfather who was watching over them. I didnt feel anything weird in the house, but I thought that it was nice that the grandfather had been there watching out for them. better than some burglar breaking in.

your son sounds like he is very caring (and also very brave) I was scared frozen when I had my experiences, or I ran fast (when things like horse bits hanging on the wall suddenly moved for no reason) . he has good role models in his parents.
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Hopefully your husband can feel soothed by your son's obvious relaxation to just feeling heard, regardless of his own personal beliefs? I know my husband would feel the same if it was us in your situation too.

Does your son have a name or other identifying details? It speaks volumes about his sweet character that he spends time counselling it during the day!

I just keep thinking that you have / are scoring major lifelong trust with your son right now... This is a defining moment for your relationship and you will reap the benefits for years to come!

Do update if you can! I am fascinated...
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