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My periods have been crazy since I gave birth. They were very heavy for a long time with short-ish cycles & recently are getting light with a week or more of spotting before hand.

I have seen 2 gynocologists about the spotting & heavy bleeding & both times I asked about the effects of extended nursing on my hormones & periods. They had no ideas.

I am recovering from severe iron & b12 deficiencies & my levels are now healthy so I'm thinking that may be why my periods are lighter.

But the irregularity & spotting are bugging me. My son is 3 & still nursing around 2 times a day. Sometimes more & sometimes less - it seems to go in waves.

Has anyone else experienced strange periods while nursing an older child? Should I just stop thinking it's going to get back to anything "normal" while he's still nursing?

Some days I really really just want him to be weaned already so that I can have my body back. But I know it's still so important to him! Argh!!