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TWW December anyone?

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I'm at 6 DPO and waiting to test is driving me crazy right now, is anyone else waiting to test soon? I'm also stressed because I ordered some cheap internet pregnancy tests and they have not arrived yet which is late...I'm wondering if that could be because of there being more mail around christmas time so it is a normal delay, it's not helping my patience though! And now I can't test with FMU tomorrow because the mail for today has already been delivered and there were no tests. 


Fingers crossed they get delivered tomorrow, then I can test on Saturday with FMU finally. I want to test! 


Maybe I should just go get an early test from the store tomorrow instead? agh

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Hi Samy23! I totally get it. I am 10 DPO today and while I feel anxious, I feel remarkably less so than last month; I was a total mess last month. Everything feels pretty different this month, symptom-wise, too. What's super weird is my mood. Usually at this point in my cycle I am super PMSy - weepy, full of anxiety and generally crabby - but I feel okay today. It is always hard to know if what I am noticing is possibly due to pregnancy or just me being hyper-aware.


It seems as though the universe was messing with me a bit this morning. I'd planned to wait on testing until Saturday (12 DPO) but caved and used my last HPT. For the first time ever, it was a dud! No control line. Nothing. I took my last OPK and got a light test line, not what I'd consider a positive (same shade or darker than control) but it was there (it looked like what I get the day before a + OPK). I don't even know what to think. I just left work on my lunch break to grab some more tests and I plan to test tomorrow morning. I have to tell you that while I know it is SO hard to wait, the chances of getting a positive test at 8DPO (assuming you are pregnant) is pretty slight. At 10 DPO it is still unlikely. A few mamas on the "One" thread have gotten very faint + at 9DPO but most of the + I have read on here are between 11-13 DPO. This whole waiting game so messes with your head. I must say, it gets old fast. This is month 7 TTC for me. I keep trying to keep things in perspective and remain calm. Much easier said than done, right?!


Fingers crossed for you mama!! You might want to check out the December TWW thread on the TTC board. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1369144/december-tww-thread You can hang out with the rest of us symptom spotting gals winky.gif

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