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Request for October Mamas!

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Greetings, new mamas! I am a Dec DDC mama, due 12/11. I am also a doctoral student, doing research into the profound, spiritual experiences of childbirth. I have enjoyed 'lurking' here as many of your babies were birthed - it gives those of us still waiting a wonderful, warm experience to remember there will be actual babies at the end of this journey!


I am posting here to see if anyone is willing to fill out a short online survey about your birth experience, particularly if you had what you would consider a spiritual/profound experience during the birth. This survey is only for mamas in the US - I will be compiling data from the survey and looking for about 20 mothers to do in-depth interviews with in the spring.


Thank you for letting me 'crash' your group to post this! Congratulations to all of you, I hope you are enjoying your babies & dealing powerfully with any challenges you are facing. The link to the survey is:






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Congrats on your impending arrival! :-) I'd be happy to fill out your survey. I'm wondering though if I can fill it out about my first birth (this was my 2nd) or if I should do it for both? I felt like my 1st birth was totally transformational and empowering. The short duration and increased intensity of the 2nd sort of left me more disturbed than empowered this go round. 



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Could you give more information regarding your name, the university, etc....??  I am very wary about giving out identifying info on the internet....but would be more likely if I felt confident in your identity.  :)

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Vegan - if your first birth took place within the last 2 years, than yes, you can do it for that one. I appreciate your considering it, either way!


sillymom - no problem. My name is Jen, I do my work at California Institute of Integral Studies. Survey monkey is VERY secure, and the only real identifying information required is an email address - in other words, all of the info that is asked for (age, race, sexual orientation, etc) is only tied to your email address, that only I have access to. If you need more info, feel free to PM me :)

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