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How's everyone been? A little update here... we came home from traveling and will hopefully finally be on our property soon. We're clearing now and will start on the well in the next few weeks. The plan is to get solar with taxes and then be there. Right now I'm planning some remodeling... turning our bed long ways on the wall to be a couch as well and painting. Also doing a freezer fridge conversion in prep for solar so our full size will go leaving space for a bakers rack or other kitchen storage. Want to add a desk where the couch was too once the bed is moved. Maybe I'll get some pics up as we go. What have you done in your space?
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We finished the bed... and its great! I have shelf above for our clothes and storage i underneath with a bookcase at the end for my stuff. Got my new paint to put up this weekend. I'll try to post some pics when it's finished
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