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Hello and please forgive me if I'm handling this incorrectly.


I'm new to forums - or anything online really.  I have a book coming out  for parents of boomerang kids, basically how to help your children move out.


Naturally I'd like to make people aware of it, but don't want to violate any protocol or disrespect this or any other community.  This is a new arena for a mother and a grandmother - both being online and becoming an author.  I thought it was best to just be direct.


I guess I'm asking how to best make a forum such as this aware of a new title while respecting their desire not to see the place turn into a spam magnet.  As such, I'm intentionally not mentioning the title.  


I'm wondering if things like posting a section of the book, let's say, in a thread on that topic along with the details would be acceptable?  


Many thanks in advance.  I'm already enjoying the discussions.