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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 6.0 (enrolling through 12/12, starts 12/10) - Page 6

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Dantesmama, keep up the work, eventually the scale will meet up with your efforts.


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How is the exercise going this week?  I had a hysterosonogram on Tuesday and to say the least walking has even been uncomfortable. Yesterday I didn't quite meet my goal of 30 minutes but I am hoping today will be better for walking.

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15.3 miles run/walked this week so far.  Boot camp for 3 hours.  joy.gif


How's everyone doing?

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Had a great weekend with a retreat for my high school students.  It was a blast!  Played "broom ball" last night.  My legs hurt.  Hopefully my weighin tomorrow is okay, eating was a bit crazy with some awesome cooks.

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Weigh in today...132.2! Got me a new  glass water bottle on the way; hoping I will be motivated to drink more water. And my husband just bought himself a pair of walking shoes so I'll be tagging along with him too. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to drop down into the 120's before this challenge is over.~Only one more weigh in after this one.winky.gif

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Subbing as a reminder to join the next challenge smile.gif
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144.4 the scale is finally moving down again!

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Arg...So close to the 130's... lol.

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248.4 this time around - spent a weekend with teenagers and my eating was a little heavy on salt so I think that messed with my weighin.


I think I am going to set up the next challenge for people to sign up to.  I am thinking of not having a week off in between. I always seem to mess up if I don't have that constant reminder to keep myself in check.  I will be back for the link for people to sign up to.  Challenge 7.0 here we come!

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So if you want to participate in the healthy weight loss challenge round 7.0 go to http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1372806/8-week-healthy-weight-loss-challenge-7-0-enrolling-through-feb-6-starts-feb-4


We will finish out this round, hopefully add some new faces to our challenge over the next 2 weeks and get started again the day after the Super Bowl here in the U.S. 

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Weighing in at 174 this week.

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FINALLY got all of viruses off our computer and can post again!  139 this am.  (yay!)  Slacked over the weekend but back to kicking my butt this am :) 


Trying to eat much cleaner (no more Lean Cuisines and the like for lunch) and cook at home more.   Weight training hard

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Sorry I'm a day late... 145. Better than a gain... Thinking I've got some weird hormonal stuff going on.
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Well good to see a few more losses!


Here is our week 7 weight loss results!


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Sorry for the delay! Both kids have been battling a stomach virus so life was consumed by laundry.  I'm still at 144. Good job to all the ladies who lost!!

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Hopefully your kids are feeling better. 

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Well ladies this is our last weigh in with this challenge!  Can you believe 8 weeks have gone by?


My ending weight is 247.4 pounds.  Been sick all weekend and sleeping a lot.


Want to sign up for round 7.0 of the weight loss challenge?  Check out this link to sign up. It starts next Monday, Feb. 4 to keep us from losing ground on the weight we have lost.

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143.6 for me today.

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Well, ladies, my final weigh  in is 132.2. I walked/jogged every day last week along with healthy eating and thought for sure I would lose some weight but I didn't. It is for this reason that I am not signing up for the next challenge. I am not terribly discouraged because I have definitely seen body toning and more stomach flatness in the last few weeks. This is great for me but not for my teammates. We're trying to lose weight! Right? I'm not quitting exercising or my own personal weigh in; I just don't want to slow the pack down. Anyway, thank you all for the encouraging words. I may try again in the near future. Best wishes on your weight loss.


So, alas, I bear ye all farewell.blowkiss.gif

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