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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 6.0 (enrolling through 12/12, starts 12/10) - Page 2

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Looks great! Thanks for doing the teams!


Exercise is going well so far. I'm coming off of 2wks of rest for an ankle injury so it's nice to be active again.  I might feel differently when it starts to snow here though...I have 30 Day Shred and that's all for indoor exercise. Curse Netflix for taking away all the watch instantly workouts!

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I haven't made it to the gym yet this week...  Tomorrow is boot camp, then spin, maybe power house. Saturday morning is weights, Sunday afternoon will be spin.  now that my crazy semester is done, I can get back to 6 workouts a week.

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I've been posting all my workouts in the workout accountability thread. So far so good...I'm still been doing my zumba and ujam. Due to my limits on expenses, I had to quit booty blast class. Oh well... I also kept at my p90x.


Since the xmas tree is being put up where I usually exercise (we have a small house with 5 people in it), I may have to switch a few exercises out. Idk, we'll see. lol.

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Made myself a new hula hoop today so I wilk get some great exercise done wink1.gif
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Did my weekly 5k jog last night and did 40 min. workout  today! In order to get my 4 days of 30 min. I will need to exercise for the next 2 days as well.~I can do it! 


Dmitrizmom, what is spin?

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Is spin class where you ride bicycles? I think I remember dmitrizmom talking about that.


Sounds like we are getting our exercise in.  I did another nice walk with my DH today. It was the Children's Christmas Program from school so I was up talking photos for the yearbook and stooping and crawling around to get good photo shoots. I am sure my legs will yell at me tomorrow for that.

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Yep, spin is riding a stationary bike.  Can be an absolutely brutal workout. love.gif

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LVI, thanks for doing the teams!


As far as exercise, I mostly rely on workout DVDs - I have Slim in 6 and a bunch of Ellen Barrett DVDs. I also run, but since it gets dark so early now I can only get out 2x a week on DH's days off. I'm trying to squeeze in a workout almost every day now that finals are over. It feels good to work muscles that have been neglected all autumn!


My diet has been mostly healthy so far. My problem is that when it's cold outside, I crave warm, hearty food - fresh fruit and yogurt are wholly unappetizing. Any suggestions for healthy "comfort food"?

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I did a little boo boo on my diet. I drank some massive amounts of wine tonight with FIL and DBF. (Although, FIL and I drank most of the bottle and DBF only drank a little glass) FIL kept offering and I couldn't say no. FIL and I had some interesting conversations. lol. Anyways, I still feel a little tipsy but I hope this doesn't affect my weight loss. Me and wine don't do well (I'm VERY lightweight.) nut.gif

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C is for Cookie, hopefully the alcohol doesn't cause a major set back for you. I think there are a lot of calories in beverages of most any kind - except "diet" and then it is a bunch of fake sugars that aren't the best for the body either.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for weigh-ins.

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Well, my weigh in for week 2 is 247.2 so I am down one pound.  I will take it! 

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I must admit I was very sad this morning. I ate good all week, did all my exercises,which I hadn't done in a while, was a good girl at my son's B-day party and really expected to see at least a pound or two drop.greensad.gif But my weigh in for this week is 132.8. I did, however, lose in inches so I'm pretty glad about that. thumb.gif

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Hmm...seems like wine didn't effect me much. lol. I'm also in the middle of AF. *yay?* eyesroll.gif

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147.6 this morning.


Nobodymove - the inches are what matter most!

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Week two 174.4

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170.2 lbs this morning.  orngbiggrin.gif

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And I'm soooo sore!  Did weights at boot camp on Friday and OUCH!  Took Saturday off.  Worked out yesterday with a friend and made other parts sore. Did boot camp this morning and could hardly move after I started cooling down. LOL.  I'm doing at least 1 class tomorrow (kettlebell!). 

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Looking good so far!  I will put up the chart once I have everyone's weigh - in.  Hope the rest of your day is great!

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145 still. Maybe this is where having a digital scale is beneficial....

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148.2 hopefully I will have better progress next week.
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