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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 6.0 (enrolling through 12/12, starts 12/10) - Page 4

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Sounds like a good plan.


Today I followed my Weight Watcher Routine for the week - Pack a Snack - I put 3 clementines in my purse to eat so I wouldn't be overly hungry when I went shopping with my sister.  It definitely helped so I wasn't over hungry when we ate lunch together.

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Workouts this week:

Wednesday and Friday- TRX

Thursday - kettlebell

Today (if I can sneak out this afternoon) - run!


I threw out the rest of the cookies. Maybe that will help.

Dinners are getting planned and prepped for the coming week.

Snacks are getting packaged and labelled with their point values so I can track.

Put an app on my new phone to help me remember to drink water.

working on stuff for the upcoming semester so that I'm not so stressed all of the time....

Being proactive and planning instead of being reactive and a mess.



oh... and does scrubbing walls and floors count as exercise?

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Oh, yes scrubbing floors and walls counts as exercise!  The more we move our bodies the better!

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It is week 4 ladies!  Half way through this challenge! Well this week has been kind of crazy food wise even though I got my exercise.  I am glad to have maintained my weight this week.  Weighing in at 247 pounds.  As I think to 2013 - my challenge is to lose 15 pounds hopefully by June.

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146 this week. : (  Traveling and staying a week with my parents who eat no vegetables got to me. I ran twice while I was there but must not have been enough to combat everything else. Bummer!

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142.4! biggrinbounce.gif

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144.6, despite the holidays and the box of Ferraro Rocher that dh put in my stocking - woot!


I've been exercising every day, and we got quite a bit of snow so I did a lot of shoveling this week. I got a new fitness dvd for Christmas - Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout, and it consists of 6 ten-minute segments, each focusing on a specific area, so it's perfect for tacking 2-3 segments on to the end of my regular workouts. My size 6's are fitting better and I'm regaining some definition in my abs - I'm hoping to reach the 130's by the end of this challenge!


Does anyone have any weight or fitness related new year's resolutions? Mine - get back down to 130 lbs, with body fat <20%; continue working out at least 5 days a week; and figure out a way to continue eating healthily and getting enough exercise when the spring semester starts at the end of January and life gets super busy and stressful again.

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133.0 and holding :(

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174.2, so not back to my start weight, BUT down from last week.  I'll take it.  Need to kick my butt at the Y again this week. Goal for this week is 8 miles run.

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145.6 today. Dang, I missed my end of year goal by half a pound. Lol

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Sorry I didn't post my weight last week.  I was at family's house and only had my phone to get on the internet with and couldn't access the forums through that.  Anyway, I did weigh myself at 175 for 12/24.  For this week I am pleasantly surprised to see 170.8 on the scale!  I have no idea how after all the holiday goodies that I haven't been able to pass up, but I'm happy.

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Kaleo, that is great news on the losing front. Keep up the exercise now in 2013 and we will see good things happen.


I PMed bohemianmamma since she hadn't posted since the first week and she has dropped out of the purple team. Keep up the good work on the losing front. The holidays are over and I am sure it is back to "regular" routines for us. Let's step up the exercise.  DH and I bought a stationary bike yesterday - basically knew for $50.  It was kind of exciting trying to get it into our 4 door family sedan but my DH was able to get the legs off of it and it fit better in our trunk.  Still had the arms basically sticking out the trunk area but we used rubber bungee cords and kept the trunk lid from flying open on our 1.5 hour trip home.  I love craigslist!


So here are the standings so far -


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Kaleo, that's an awesome loss! Congrats!


lilacvioletiris, great find! I love finding deals like that on craigslist.


My 5 and 7yo's went back to school today, so hopefully I can get my 3yo to take a nap after lunch and have time for a long, uninterrupted workout. It was nice having them home for Christmas break but it's also nice to have some quiet time again!

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Went to the Y while the big kids were at religious ed tonight... got in 4 miles on the treadmill. thumb.gif

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30 min of intervals n the track today.

I think my problem must be what I am/am not eating. I'm working out at least 4 days most weeks and not seeing any results on the scale. You'd think I'd be down at least a pound! I'm talking to a runner/cyclist friend of mine with a background in exercise science. He's developing a training program for an upcoming 1/2 marathon and also a weight loss plan.  I want to get faster and I know that won't happen if I don't drop this weight. Sorry for the pity party...just feeling kind of down tonight. Blah. 

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otheramerica, exercise is an important part of weight loss, but food is an important component as well.  Maybe you could try writing down what you eat for a week and notice any trends - when you eat, why you eat, what you eat? Tracking my food consumption has worked for me (when I did it in the past) and it is something I am trying to do again now. My sister has used SparkPeople to track her food consumption and exercise - it is free and if you have a mobile phone it has some free apps as well. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mobile-apps.asp

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otheramerica - I know that when I ate too little that I didn't lose weight (actually gained!).  My body had gone into starvation mode and was keeping everything it could.  Even with working out a lot...  here's to you figuring it out.  thumb.gif

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2 miles on the treadmill last night. Felt good. Plans to workout tonight and tomorrow morning.  thumb.gif


Also working on tracking my WW points - didn't do it for all of December... and it showed.

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Thanks for the support and suggestions, ladies! I got a cute little notebook for Christmas that is perfect for a food journal so I started that yesterday. I also started my period today so that explains some of the bloating and fatigue. 

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I was sick and not doing as much exercise as I should.  It showed up in the weighin - 248.4


How did everyone else do?

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