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11 day old son stopped breast feeding

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I'm having trouble breast feeding my son who is 11 days old. I didn't have any problems until yesterday. He's been able to latch on and suck since he was an hour old. My milk supply came in slowly so we were supplementing with formula. I was still able to breast feed him what I could. As of yesterday he still latches on and takes a couple of sucks and then he latches off and gets really upset. I don't know if he just doesn't like the taste of breast milk anymore or if it's my nipples he doesn't like. I really want to breast feed because I know it's what's best for him. I've read that in order to correct this I should just do away with the artificial nipples and bottles. He just gets so upset when I give him the breast instead. Will he eventually get to a point where he will just give in and take the breast if I keep trying?
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The change over from colostrum can take several days, mine took at least five days. Colostrum is all they need though during that time frame. I agree with you to go straight to the breast and try to do away with the artificial nipple. He may be more accustomed to the milk flow of the artificial nipple so unwilling to wait for your milk to 'let down', well that is one thought. My other is that your supply may not be increasing as it should without adequate nipple stimulation. Have you been pumping or hand expressing? Generally speaking there could be many reasons why a baby is not latching, most can be remedied, so no need for worry. You already know he can and does latch well so take heart in that.
I would try to get baby on your breast, it is so early in the game that your supply should catch up nicely to meet all of baby's needs.....if that was a concern. Do you cosleep or baby wear? The reason I ask is that both offer many opportunities for baby to latch on without mom having to think much about it.
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I would really encourage you to see a lactation consultant.
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I am by no means an expert, but I would at very least do away with artificial nipples and keep offering him the breast. I would assume he would take it eventually.


With that being said, milk production works on supply and demand. Have you been pumping while he gets formula up until now? Can you?


If you still feel the need to use formula, perhaps consider cup or dropper-feeding. Put him to the breast anytime he fusses. It may be every 15 minutes and THAT"S OKAY. Spend lots of time skin to skin and get some local real life support.


Good Luck, mama!

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Find your local La Leche League group too!



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