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My 5 year old son has extremely dry, scaling on his eyelid.  He has had this condition for over 3 years. A first I battled it topically with coconut oil and vitamin E, but saw no improvement. His pediatrician suggested over the counter anti-fungal cream, but still no improvement. After that, he prescribed antibiotic eye drops. This did not help. I went back to doing the homeopathic thing; warm compresses, baby shampoo eye washing, coconut oil.... nothing.  I paid out of pocket to see a recommended dermatologist.  I asked her if what my son had might be blepharitis (over production of oil leading to scaling).  She assured me with a glance that what he had was eczema and gave me topical steroids. She also suggested slathering on Aquaphor during all hours of the day. His eyes cleared up within the week. But it came back. Then it spread to the bottom lid of his other eye. We tried to keep it at bay with great hygiene and the Aquaphor alone, but after a few months, we were using the steroid cream again. It cleared it up, but it came back as soon as we stopped using it.  I recently began using breast milk. I have him shut his eyes and I fill up the well of his sockets. We have been doing this for a 3 weeks without much improvement.

Anyone had anything similar? I would LOVE some suggestions. Thanks