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My latest, 2 days ago ..


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My first attempt at posting a photo here. Hope it works. 31w2d today, finally back at the gym after a few weeks of being way to sedentary.
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I've finally started to gain weight.  Still not back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I've gained 2.4lbs in the last 5 weeks putting me around 23lbs below pre-preg weight!  Here I am today at 32+5.


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31 weeks 4 days (2 days ago) & dropping since then...appointment tomorrow

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31 weeks 6 days. I find it really hard to do some routine tasks (like diaper DD in bed) and I can't believe I still have about 8 weeks to go. I already stopped calling ahead when visiting people; my belly gets there minutes before I do anyways!




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Lol sky. I feel u on the numerous weeks left to go thing...
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34 weeks...

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34 weeks
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I love belly pictures ❤
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31 weeks and on our baby moon.

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32w 5d after being in hospital overnight for 2 bags of fluid. ugh.

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Originally Posted by J and Js mommy View Post

32w 5d after being in hospital overnight for 2 bags of fluid. ugh.
I'm Glad you're up and feeling better! Was it just dehydration? I've been struggling to drink a much as I've been recommended (3liters a day!! Dry climate...) but if I don't, I feel miserable VERY quickly.
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J&J, you are adorable !!
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Isn't your day coming up really really soon Tenk? Hope we get to see a 'just before' photo...

Everyone is looking so lovely and round, lets see some more!
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Cynthia they don't know what it was but fluids around baby were low. Scary. Theyll do weekly u/s here on out. I feel like crap drinking all this water and literally in bathroom every 15 min
Tenk I can only assume maybe they did c sect today as u haven't posted?? I keep checking the threads!
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I'm here. Appt went well today. Baby is breech but my c section is Wed next week (June 12th) @ 10a and I had my 1st round of lung maturing steroids (at my request) because they typically don't so them past 34 weeks and I also passed out it hurt so bad. I am having regular ctx though and was instructed to go to L&D of they become as close as 8-10 minutes again. As of today the ctx I had yesterday did nothing to my cervix though. Oh and I will post a picture before D day smile.gif
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Dang, I know nothing about the steroids. Thanks for the update. Every day he is in there is good. Get some rest.
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Almost *** not also LOL
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Last pregnancy picture EVER from me smile.gif

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Tenk I am thinking of you and your babe. I hope it all goes perfectly today.
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