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19 weeks!!
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Originally Posted by heyitskalista View Post

19 weeks!!
I'm 19 weeks too (I think) and sure wish I looked as cute as you!
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Chiming in while I have a quiet moment, which is rare.


All you ladies look beautiful!! I'm loving all the bump pictures.



Here's my nearly 19 wk belly with # 2 from last Saturday (1 week ago). I'm trying on my first pair of skinny jeans ever, which are also maternity, and actually thought to snap a picture. Here we go:


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Originally Posted by heyitskalista View Post

19 weeks!!

you look awesome!! can't wait to see you

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so I finally got the courage up to take a pic. Most of that is me for sure but baby is definitely starting to push things up and out. Please disregard the horrendously messy house. I'm 17w 1d.



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Just like with keeping track of weight, I've been taking belly pictures first thing in the morning, after using the bathroom, before eating or drinking more than a few sips of water. I find that helps me avoid mistaking a bloated belly for a baby, lol! Just look for comparison, it's amazing.





 15 weeks, same day as above, empty stomach, but bloated from food (curse all of it). 


AppleMark 12 weeks, day before picture above, mid-day bloating. 

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Cool progression, cynthiamoon! Love the comparison. :) 


Skycheattraffic, your so cute! And I *love* to see messy houses. ;-)

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Another bump pic from today

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19 weeks... Laying down and standing up.
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hi everyone. finally got around to joining. im 17w 5 days. third pregnancy (2 prior full term pregs) and wow am i bigger at this point in comparison withthe first 2. boobs are a big C and im normally barely a b due to nursing :(   im not working out yet-usually im a freak. trying to eat better as of this week but hungry hnugry hippo lately.

everyone looks good. my boss/head honcho usually calls me Double Zero but he said the other day-getting huge! it was funny. only certain people can make comments like that and he is one of them. all good.

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Here was 20 weeks smile.gif
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21 weeks! Growing quickly now!
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The top picture is from 19w and change and the bottom picture is from yesterday afternoon at 21w1d  in my shlumpy work clothes.  The pants are NON maternity pants and yesterday was probably the last day I can wear them comfortably.  They really put a strain on my lower belly.  And the top I' holding up is a large, which they just gave me because the medium was feeling too tight around my belly ... so although it now fits around my belly (non maternity also) it's like a tent else where :( but they won't let me wear anything else or anything maternity :(




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Wow tenk that's a pretty decent baby growth. You think? We r in the growth spurt phase. Gotta enjoy it before we r unable to do anything. I dread getting in And out of the car.
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And tenk I had to quit my part time waitressing job at 7 mo w my first because they didn't have a uniform to fit me.
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Yep, I have noticed growth because it hurts in the sides of my belly (aches almost constantly for a few days) and then after I feel bigger.  I think the uniform picture is closer to the mirror though and that's why even my butt looks bigger.  I didn't gain any weight so .. who knows.


As for the waitressing job, I love working there but I hurt so bad after a shift and with my mom opening a wine bar in our town (hopefully soon) then I can just go work for her part time if I need something.  DH told me yesterday though, if I need to stop working to tell him and so did the Dr.  I'm ok for now though as long as my shifts aren't 9 hours like last week.  I'd sure miss the money though.  Oh and at my mom's bar I'd just dress cute and not wear a uniform LOL

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Here's a comparison of the 19w+ picture and today at 21w3d in the same outfit.  It doesn't look like AS much growth but still there :)


Top picture is 19 and bottom picture is 21w3d



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okay! 18 weeks! in a hotel bathroom in Victoria (yup, same shirt)

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Do you guys have the same up-and-down thing with your bellies? I am getting bigger overall, but every morning I shrink from the night before.
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