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Nighttime Diapering and Rashes

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My LO is 12 weeks old. Since about 3 weeks, we've been using an all-in-one (Sunbaby) with a microfiber and hemp insert for nighttime needs. However, LO now sleeps for 6-8 hour stretches at night, and has recently gotten diaper rash on his butt and penis. I think it's from the ammonia in his pee, because his diaper is SOAKED by the time we change him. No leaks, just a very wet diaper.


Any tips on how to keep the moisture away from his skin at night? I'd like to avoid waking him to change his diaper. Avoiding disposables would be nice, too. I've heard fleece liners help, but I'm worried that he's soaking the diaper so thoroughly, the liner might just get soaked too.

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If you can add an insert under the fleece it would help.


If you are considering expanding you stash, consider fitteds and covers for night. It is easier to add more absorbency with out compromising fit and leak locking.

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Thank you so much for the reply! Can you recommend brands or post some links? This is my first and I'm still not well versed in cloth.

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I love Baby Kicks One size Fitteds. Love. I own 15 of them. Kiwi Pies and Bummies Bumboozles are nice too and if she fits a sunbaby, they will fit from now until 30 lb+. My Baby Kicks are snug on my 36 lb almost 4 year old. If you are only using them at night, you just need two washing every other day.


Inserts. I love Joey Bunz hemp inserts (made by Baby Kicks). Premiums are thicker, but dry faster if you can afford it. At their wettest I added three inserts for my super super soakers, but not premiums. Two premiums would have done it. For my nightsoaking preschooler, I fold one insert and put it at the top, where he gets all the pee. Inserts can be added inside or outside the fitted.


Covers. For wool, I love Eco Posh and Arristocrats pull ons (both really two size), Happy Heiny Stacinator side snap wrap, and BabyBeehinds machine washable wraps (size up, they are small). Wool breaths and lets moisture evapoarate. Some needs to be handwashed occasionally and relanolized (soaked in it) every couple of washes or a little more often.

For PUL waterproof covers, I love Bummies, particularly the Super Brites (true to size, though the XS are very tiny) and their new pull ons. Not such a fan of Thristies with the thinner PUL. Flips have suprised me with how much I like them, and they have the Albert (Einstein) print.


You would only need one wool or one or two PUL covers, washing every other day.

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We also love kiwi pie bamboo fitteds for night time and we use them with wool covers and add a fleece liner inside for a stay dry layer.  We also have some Sustainablebabyish snappless fitteds and some work at home mom bamboo fitteds that are very absorbant.  You could always add an extra bamboo or hemp insert for more absorbency, but we haven't yet needed to with our 15 month old.  There is just no way pockets were going to keep working for overnight for us once he started sleeping for more than 6 hours at a time.


My favorite woolies for overnight are the "underwater" wool soakers or longies from //www.etsy.com/shop/GratefulBuns .  She is a work at home mom who makes them from felted wool sweaters, so the prices are much more reasonable than for woolies made from new materials, and mine have been absolutely bulletproof!  Etsy.com has a lot of work at home mom diapers and covers available.


Bummis covers worked great for us also, I just like the breathability of wool for overnight.


For the liners, we have some of the washable ones from Bummis that work, but our favorites are homemade, with no sewing.  Wazoodle.com sells Diapermaker microfleece that I cut up in 5x14 in. rectangles.  It's very soft, works well, and I didn't need to finish the edges at all.  http://wazoodle.com/index.php/diaper-making/diaper-linings/diapermaker-micro-fleece.html  It's on sale right now for about $7 per yd, and one yd would make MANY liners, so you could make a small size for now and large ones for later.

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