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Thoughts on ActHIB

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My 3.5 mo old son is due to get the ActHIB shot next Wednesday. We're doing a selective vax schedule and only doing one shot at a time with 2-4 week windows in between to gauge any potential reactions. So far he has gotten his first Dtap shot (Daptacel) and Prevnar 13.


Anyone have knowledge on this particular shot? Thoughts? All I know is it's made by Sanofi Pasteur and is aluminum free. Dr Sears seemed to approve of it in The Vaccine Book...

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Here is the ActHIB package insert.


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It's sort of the least offensive one of all. We don't vax until after 24 months and it only needs one dose of HiB at that point. My DS got dry skin (like I had never seen in anyone before) which he never had before for 8 weeks following the vaccine. I treated it with calendula oil. Our doctor agrees it was a reaction to it.

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Just curious, how come you don't vax till after 24 months?
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Several reasons... immune system & bbb more mature, they stay at home and are breastfed, we don't live in China/India/place with endemic polio/measles/so on, own history of severe reactions and I was on a delay schedule as a child. It works well for us and our doctor agrees. We only do one vax at a time... We chose Acthib for Hib, Daptacel for DTaP and will do Ipol for polio and monovalent measles vaccine since we have access to it in Europe. We skip the rest. Will offer MMR and HepB in teenage years after further research and discussion with the kids then.

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How come you skip pneumococcal? Again, just curious.
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Serotype replacement issues is a big one, next to no vaccines with polysorbate 80 ever. Prevnar will never be used by us.

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Could you explain a little more about serotype replacement issues? I'm not sure what that is. Also, what is bad about polysorbate 80/Prevnar?

I was very afraid of meningitis and our naturopath said pc could potentially lead to it, so although the risk was somewhat rare, decided to give him Prevnar.
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Some good points are here:




Every doc has a pet vaccine. There are many, many strains out there and prevnar already had to be revamped from 7 to 13 for serotype replacement issues that actually created a worse problem.; it is merely a question of time for it to happen again and again. Prevnar does not impress me, it rather scares me.


Polysorbate 80 can cross the blood brain barrier, it is used in drugs for brain tumors for that very reason, so it can deliver where needed. That's not great for vaccines. I wouldn't touch any vaccine utilizing poly80.


More reading on poly80:

 ‘Fertility Impairing Vaccine And Methods of Use' This application claims the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/070,375, filed January 2,1998, U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/071,406, filed January 15,1998

Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol 20. No. 6 pp. 983.


There is a lot more and I don't have much time now, but I encourage you to thoroughly research serotype replacement, polysorbate 80 and the disease and strains themselves.

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