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So I'm not the only one! I am am 34 weeks right now and I just know this one is coming early. Both my other kiddos were born at 37 weeks and I never felt either of them drop. I never had any real physical signs that they would come early, but I just knew it when they were ready to be born. My OB thinks I am a little nutty because I keep saying this one will be born in a few weeks and not at the end of Jan, but I say every woman is different and 40 weeks is not a rule!

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MamaBookworm, I'll be 34 weeks this weekend and my babe is still breech too. I am quite nervous as both DS1 and DS2 were head down and ready to go quite early so I never had to worry. My midwife said at the 34 week appt if he is still breech then they will start to discuss options to encourage him to turn; up until 34 weeks they aren't too concerned with positioning. HA HA... being told 'not to worry' is easier said than done! I haven't started to google anything, as I know that will probably end up causing more worry than helping anything. I also find it feels much different this time around, cervix kicks and the amount of cramping I am getting is no fun!

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For those with breech babes: my grandmother, while in labor did exercises to force my father to change from breech to head down. After 36 hrs of labor, it worked a charm. Just letting you know anything is possible. Poor thing had to do so much to get that guy (my dad down).


I've been feeling cervical pain as well. That's a new one. It's not all the time but it's there....


I am intrigued!

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I'm joining the group that is starting to worry about going early. DS was right on time but this babe is so different. I never even had BH with him but this little girl suddenly dropped and now I have them all the time. Yikes.
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I just wanted to comment on the breech worries. My babe was head down for a while then flipped at 35-36 weeks. I was getting pretty worried!! I looked up some things to try, and I read a few people suggest using cold or sound to encourage the baby to flip. So I got on my hands and knees and put a bag of ice on my belly where I thought baby's head was. I felt the head immediately respond! I also read someone suggest putting an electric razor up to your belly and turning it on by their head to get them to flip- they had tried everything and that's what finally did it. After all that, I had an appointment the next day, and sure enough we were back to head down. I'm feeling like baby is there to stay now! So I just thought I'd throw that out there for whatever it's worth, since it's seems pretty harmless to try!
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I am just today starting to consider that she might be here early... but just don't want to get too excited or anxious.  My DH made a weird comment night before last, asking me if the baby would probably be okay if she came right now.  He's a pretty intuitive guy, knew it was a girl the whole time and seems to have a sense about these things more so than I.  A co-worker, who is much the same, has been having weird dreams and commented to me yesterday that she thinks I will have a Christmas baby!  I've been feeling yucky and crampy today, but I think it's mostly because I'm overwhelmed thinking about the baby arriving when there is so much left to do.  I hope to make it to the end of Christmas week at least.  But again, I'm not going to rush her.

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Well, I think I take it back. I'd been feeling like the baby will come early, but don't anymore. I'm going to be pregnant -huge, heartburn, tired, carpal tunnel, swollen, crying over everything, hurts to walk pregnant- FOREVER. Ugh.
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Well, I think I take it back. I'd been feeling like the baby will come early, but don't anymore. I'm going to be pregnant -huge, heartburn, tired, carpal tunnel, swollen, crying over everything, hurts to walk pregnant- FOREVER. Ugh.


Hugs to you!  I've had a crappy emotional day here.   I don't know if it's the CT tragedy or what.  EVERYTHING has gotten on my nerves, and I am just overwhelmed with what needs to be done around the house.  No one seems to care that the floor of every room is not a laundry basket/toy box/trash can!  Bending over the pick stuff up is not my favorite thing to do these days...

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Same here. I am an emotional mess. bleh.

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Thank you to everyone for your reassuring words and stories! Did any of you notice when your baby flipped from one position to the other? Two weeks ago I had an evening with a lot of BH and back pain, and at my midwife appointment the following morning she determined babe was now breech. Sure enough over the next few days I noticed kicks at the bottom of my uterus and to the cervix. Last night I again had a lot of back pain and felt very uncomfortable throughout my torso, and today I am noticing movement under my right rib. I am hopeful this is a bum instead of his head (could it even be a head pushing up like that?). I have an appointment on Thursday, so hopefully I get good news!

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omg- I am such a mess!

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I am exhausted and counting down the days, 16 more until I am scheduled for my c section. Ms Rabbit, I've had some crazy pain under my right rib and I think it's the baby's knee. I had an ultrasound this morning and baby is still head down with it's feet up next to its face, and bottom up under my bra line. The baby measured at 6 lbs 10 ozs (I'm 35 weeks and 2 days) and I'm wondering if baby just likes checking out it's toes or doesn't have room to change position, lol.


DD has a cold, DH just caught it from her, and for the love I wish the two of them would just stay healthy so that I they can take care of ME for the next 2 weeks instead of me having to do everything. I swear between the two of them they have spent most of the last 8 months either injured (DH tore the miniscus in his knee and broke a toe this summer and spent 4 months recovering), or giving each other colds. I need a break from being the caregiver who is trying to avoid their germs and to be pampered damn it!

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And now I am back to feeling like she will NOT be early.  I think the earliest she will come is 3 days before her due date of Jan 8.  I'm fine with it, just kind of had wishful thoughts about getting to have her in 2012.

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I had been feeling like this baby might come early too, but now I'm not so sure.  With my first, I didn't experience contractions at all until the day before he was born.  So this time feeling contractions from around 34 weeks has put me on alert.  They can sometimes feel quite strong, but they are very irregular and always die down, so maybe this is just how it will go for the next couple of weeks?


I've been in bed with a terrible cold that I caught from my niece for the past day and a half :(  I keep worrying that coughing is going to bring on labor..especially when it is accompanied by contractions.  Since we've made it to 37 weeks I will be fine with this baby coming any time, but I want to be in good health before birthing this baby!!

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