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Oh my goodness mamas I have missed out on so much. I have been on the FB page a couple times and can always do a quick "like" and read updates one handed but I hadn't really had a chance to read up on everything here! As far as privacy goes on MDC, we can make this page private. Lots of the DDC are but this page wasn't created that way. Maybe if we contact Junebug who originally set up this page we can make it private??


The stomach flu hit our house over the weekend. All three of my older kids were puking on Sunday. Marcus and I stayed locked in the bedroom upstairs away from the germs. I usually have a stomach of steel and wasn't so worried about me but was worried about Marcus (even though I know he is BF and not likely to get it). On Tuesday DH got it. On Tuesday Marcus had some horrible looking infection in his eye....yellow, crusted shut. So, off to the doctor we went. Prescribed 5 days of antibiotic drops. He hasn't left the house so no one had an explanation of what it could be...just that he could have rubbed anything into his eye as no home is without bacteria!? Then on Wednesday I woke up with body aches and a fever. Even though I hated being sick I have to say that I slept almost all day yesterday in between nursing sessions. I have been SO sleep deprived that I was tired down to my bones and having a break like that to sleep was wonderful! Fever is gone today and besides feeling weak I feel pretty good. I have my fingers crossed that we are done being sick. We are usually such a healthy family. This whole thing threw me for a loop.


Natalie, I am so sorry that things didn't go as planned and that you are feeling angry (but I am glad you are feeling your feelings and not suppressing)! I have not really typed out my whole birth story as I am still processing mine too....so many things that did not turn out as planned (like that DH took NO time off work and his boss even called him in on his day off...he worked 55 hours the week his son was born!!). hug2.gifGlad you and Judah are home now.

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Thank you for the support and advice ladies! A few hours after I posted, Judah's cord actually fell off, so disregard the stinky issue. I'm SO glad it did! Poor smelly kid!  I've been airing him out for while after changes and am going to make some placenta salve this afternoon sometime. I'm hoping that will kick whatever he has. 


As for me, doing alright today. I'm so thankful to have the support of all of you and my real life support. Last night, a friend brought supper over.  Dh has pretty much taken care of clean up since J was born, even though he's back working and still doing school. Tonight is his last night and the only time I will have to do bedtime solo until the middle of January. I think my mom is going to come over and help, which I'll probably have her hang with J since the girls get all excited with mom here. 


Still feeling a little pissy but also feeling better all around and am starting to open up a bit. Remembering that I endured a 60 hour labor does pretty much make me a bad ass, so I'm totally holding onto that. Also, I don't think I ever shared on here before I had him, but my number one "want" for this birth was to be able to catch Judah. Well, I DID catch him and I think that's my icing on my cake.


 The last two days have been pretty great, too, with just getting to be home and with my family. I've been enjoying things that I haven't been able to do for a few months like paint my toenails, shave my legs, and sleep on my belly! DH went back to work yesterday, but has only worked half days, so it's been really nice to see him/have him home in the afternoon. 


So many babies were born yesterday/early this morning!! They posted on the fb group, but not over here, so I don't want to announce if they don't want them announced yet. That's something that I'm kind of on the fence about with the fb vs. mdc. I really love how instant fb is, but I feel like I actually *know* you ladies much more than I do with the non mdc mamas over on the fb group. Everyone, in both groups though is lovely, though, so I'll probably stick around both, and leave more personal posts to here. 


Amy- yuck on the sickies!! I hope you are in the clear and on the mend. I can't imagine if everyone here got sick with DH back to work.  Hopefully that's all the sickies you guys get during this winter.  

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Hey guys! I posted on the Facebook group earlier because that was all I had time for, but he's here! Charles (Charlie) Marlin Jones was born at 8:46pm on 12-12-12. 6lbs 8oz and 21.25in long. We were at home for 36 hours of labor. After four hours of pushing and no progress after the last two hours, we had to transfer to the hospital where he was delivered 20 min later after a small episiotomy. Not thrilled about the cut or the transfer, but almost all of our labor was at home and we had a natural, drug free birth. It feels a little bittersweet that we didn't get our home waterbirth, but we were at home for 99% of the birth with my wonderful midwife and doula, and I am happy with the experience as a whole. Breastfeeding already going wonderfully and we're all doing great!

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last night at quilt class one of my friends (a former OB nurse) palpated my belly and said there was a linebacker in there then said her estimate was that he would be 10lbs 6oz and at least 22 inches long.. I wonder how close to right she's going to be..

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So for those of you still carrying, how are you making the wait a little easier? I'm trying really hard not to get into a whiny mindset. Labor, birth, and nursing a baby are more fun, and I want to get to the fun part. We might go to the Hobbit for one of those easier-without-a-baby activites.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to wave hello. Milk came in today and Talysen is ZONKED lol... he is so sweet, great nurser, sleeping good stretches & also very alert when he is awake. We are in heaven!

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Jackies - I just feel like I still have so much to do, and with four other kids I just don't really have enough hours in the day - so I'm not exactly feeling like I'm in a state of waiting...  But yeah, I would just keep busy with every last minute little thing that you might wish you'd done if the babe were born tomorrow, for example.  And like you said, the kind of stuff you won't be able to or won't want to do with a newborn. 


sego - xox

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Hi, Mamas!


I'm one week pp tomorrow.  I'm excited to say that I (mostly) have nipples again instead of boulders - I don't know why I get engorged so badly, but I have, every time.  There's no way for a baby to latch on to my engorged breasts without damaging the nipples, so I'm pretty sore, just hissing and bearing it till they get to heal a bit - probably by a week from now nursing will be fairly comfortable again.  Thankfully, DD2 has taken after her sister and her second-oldest brother, and not after her oldest brother - philosophically accepting that milk will come out of the boulders if she gets her mouth around them, rather than (like my first) refusing to latch at all without screaming for a while first!  I've really tried hard to give myself this first week to just rest as much as possible - will start trying to do more (i.e., household tasks, older-kid care) this coming week.  I just asked DH what he'd like me to focus on doing first, and he said he'd think about it.  lol.gif  I can't imagine I'd have to think about it if our situations were reversed, but . . . whatever!


I'm a little bummed that I haven't finished writing my birth story out yet (it's not that long - the whole labor was only 3 hours long).  But once I read the news yesterday I just couldn't right then.  My emotions are a lot more stable since the birth (I've never had significant baby blues or ppd, but BOY was I an emotional mess this pregnancy) but I just can't deal with very much of this news cycle and I read too much of it online last night and got overwhelmed.  Today has been better - I've been better about not taking in more than I can handle right now.


Kel and Jackies - good luck keeping 'busy'!


Segolily - your milk came in even faster than mine!  Aren't sozzled babies the most adorable thing? 


themothership - people are so different in how good they are at estimating size by palpation.  I've been to some births where very experienced practitioners were VERY wrong about how big a baby was going to be.  So who knows?  My midwife was right on - but her range was pretty big - she said I'd have a baby between 6 - 7.5 lbs  (DD2 was 6lbs 10 oz, which I think is amusing because she and DS1 were born at the exact same gestational age and he weighed 6 lbs 11 oz.)


Chicajones, congrats - and to all the other new(er) mamas!


Purposeful, so glad you are home.  It is the little things, too, isn't it - I am really enjoying being able to put my socks on without struggling!

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Mamab - I need to stay away from any more news stories as well - I spent hours crying today after reading too many details about yesterday's horrible horrible shooting. 

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