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talk to me about stretchy wraps

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So I'm here trying to figure out how to make my Maya Wrap more comfy and I start seeing pictures of wrap slings. That's what I want! It looks SO much easier to carry a baby in chest position with one of those. I love the idea of having dd's weight on both shoulders. I love the idea of being able to pop her in & out without having to readjust. I'm specifically thinking about the Moby wrap, especially since even new it would cost about the same as buying good fabric & making it myself.

So talk to me about the reality of those ideas. One thing peppermint.com said about the stretchy wraps is that they're "trickier" with a bigger baby because they might stretch over the course of the wearing. Have you found this to be a problem? For what size baby?

How much of a pain is it to tie once you get the knack of it? Do you find it easier or harder than putting on a Maya Wrap?

Can you really pop your baby in & out, leaving the sling on?

Does anyone have a big dh that also wears it? Is it long enough for that?

eta: am i going to steam myself in a moby over the summer? how thick and heavy is the fabric?

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I have lightweight summer stretch wraps(not Moby). It does get easier to get them on the more you use them because you aren't thinking "okay now what".

My 2 yo dd is 22lbs and I have gone for 3+ hour walks with her in the stretch. The only time it stretches too much it isn't really from it stretching too much, it is because I didn't tie it tight enough to begin with. IMO the only reason one would stretch too much is if it had too much lycra in it. The ones I have only have 2%.

I have 2 stretches, 1 is 5M and 1 is 6M. There should be plenty of length for your dh.

I like wearing the stretch when I go on my big shopping trips because I go to 3-4 stores and I put it on at home, then I pop her in and out when I get to each store.
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have you seen the hug-a-bub wrap? it is awesome. you could also try a didymos type sling...but dont pay the fortune for that brand...it is so simple to make one of your own! if you need help, pm me and i will give you some instructions!
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I use a Simply Attached Sling, but am thinking of getting a Moby IF I find the SAS is too hot for summer. So far not a problem, but it's April!

My dd is only 11 weeks, so I can't answer size questions.

Once you're used to it, tying up is no problem. I have been experimenting with different ties of late, and they take a little longer. But once you have your favorites, you'll be able to do them in your sleep. It does take longer than a ring sling (or similar type), but not THAT much longer.

I pop my dd in and out all day long, leaving the sling on. It's part of my attire now. I get a few looks when I still have it on and dh has baby, but that's OK!
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