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Weekly Chat Thread - Dec.10 to Dec.16

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Chat away! :D  


Last weeks thread is here.

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scruffy  - Yes, there is a more Biz of Being Born. It focuses on four different considerations of birth -> Doulas, Birth Centers, C-Sections; Celebrity Moms talking about birth, VBACs & options, and then an interview with Ina May Gaskin from the Farm. I really liked them all, but they are different from the first. If you have Netflix, you can watch it on demand.


AFM - I am over my tailbone pain. Boy did I do a number on it. I'm thinking that I may have actually fractured it, but there's noting I can do about it so I'll just rest and let it heal. The worst is getting up from a seated position -- it hurts so bad!! It seems to be getting better, but just slow healing.


Enough of my pity party. Hope everyone's week is off to a good start.

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Jodie and Melany: -17*C is only 1*F (F's mean nothing to me, but I wanted to do the conversion for you guys.)  The last two weeks it's held steady at -30*C and windy (-22*F) so this seems MUCH nicer!!  Right now, it's ONLY -5*C (23*F)!!!!!!!!!!  I was starting to get some serious cabin fever (which GREATLY effects my mood and outlook... not that anyone could tell from my posts... blush.gif).


MayDayMom - sorry about your tailbone!  I've never experienced tailbone pain, but I had a friend to fractured hers and it wasn't fun to watch her recovery!

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mayday, youch! The lingering pain of injuries can really slow a mama down. Last pregnancy, my family got lost snowshoeing on a new trail when I was seven months preg. That two hour hike dislocated my pelvis which pinched a nerve in my back. Oh, man did I regret that hike. For two months I could barely move without shooting pains and blew a small fortune on a chiro twice a week. I am trying to be really careful this time, despite my fall last week. So far, so good.


I am really really excited about my progress with my diet. I weighed myself at my FIL house (there for an early Christmas celebration) and it looks like I may have only gained 2-3 lbs this month!!! WOOT WOOT! That is way better than my average 8-10. Now I am nervous about losing momentum, but at the same time hopeful that I can keep it up and gain around 45 lbs overall. It feels really powerful to know that I can work with my body instead of against it and see positive results. 


However, I have also noticed a surge in pregnancy hormones and hunger. One week before I am technically in my third trimester, on the long drive to CT last Friday, I sobbed for no reason in the car because I was still hungry after eating breakfast and a snack before 11am.   My BIL was in the car too. How embarrassing. Then, when we arrived in CT for Christmas, we realized that I forgot to tell my DH where the box of presents was and he didn't pack them!! I bawled and blubbered loudly for an hour. OMG, everyone could hear me. And, I have been so starving that I ate five times this morning before noon. My digestion has slowwwed down too, giving me a new bout of indigestion, nausea, and constipation. Hurray, Third tri!


My second trimester was a walk in park without so much as a funky mood I can recall. Now, I'm paying the price. 

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Maydaymom10 - I'll see your fractured tailbone and raise you a nasty case of 'roids.  bawling.gif I was doing SO well this pregnancy in that department.  I suspect a combination of an abrupt change in diet (took nearly all the starch out - although it didn't really seem to change anything, elimination-wise), blood-flow problems in the area due to the massive lumpy bruise from my fall and an ill-advised pair of compression pantyhose for a party on Friday night was just too much for my poor bottom.  Oh, and baby seems to have recently discovered how to whack my rectum (seriously, I feel it kind of "pop" out with some of the really good kicks)... anyway, I spent yesterday on the couch catching up on Season 2 of the BBC show "Sherlock" (oh, HELLO Mr. Cumberbatch...btw is anyone else as excited as me that he's in the next Star Trek movie???) and feeling very sorry for myself.  DH took DD to school this morning and is coming home with her this afternoon and making dinner so I don't have to, which is wonderful.  But I would gladly trade it for NOT feeling like I have a marble covered with blackberry thorns stuck up my rear.  Usually these attacks last a couple of days being really bad and then I have another week of having to be very careful - so really, maybe NOT so bad as a fractured tailbone... but it's REALLY painful at the moment.  I remember suffering through several attacks of the roids while pregnant with DD - I was VERY leery of any medications so they lasted a long time and were horrid, but this time I'm all "screw that, gimme the hydrocortisone, sorry baby but there's a limit to the suffering I'm gonna go through before you come out" so they should clear up a little faster and I'm taking tylenol for the pain which is not so good as ibuprofen but better than nothing.  And I even took a gravol last night so I could sleep - but in every single dream, I had hemorrhoids - no matter what the dream was about.  Band camp in high school with hemorrhoids.  Grocery shopping at TJ's for some article about food marketing - with hemorrhoids.  Thank goodness I never remember any dreams for longer than a day or two.  If this kid turns out substantially less healthy and brilliant than the first one I guess I can blame my 'roidal wimpyness.  Gah.


writermama12 - congrats on the weight control... but snowshoeing 7 mo pregnant?!?!?  OMG.  I remember reading about (and experiencing, later on) a phenomenon that early settlers in North America called "snowshoe evil" that happened when you have no snowshoeing experience and go out for a couple hours all happy because yay you can walk all over the snow and it's easy! and then the next day you have these horrible shooting pains all up your legs and back from walking with your legs just slightly apart for hours.  I guess it's less bad with the narrower, more modern snowshoes but at some point in my 20s I found a pair of classic ones in our basement and went out for a while and sure enough, the next day - massive pain.  And that wasn't even pregnant, I can't imagine the horrors of doing that with the extra pelvic load...


Scruffy so glad it's warmed up, up there!  I had a MUCH more cheeful e-mail from my mom this morning smile.gif  It's amazing how awesome -5 can feel after a week of -30.  That's actually one of the things I miss about living up there.  Here the winter weather is so uniform - any deviation from the usual 7-11C feels extreme, but we just don't get much of that.  Some days it's 8 or 9 C and calm, some days it's 8 or 9 C and windy, some days it rains, some days there's a bit of sun - but really, it's just blah and boring.  Well the wind storms can get exciting, but not necessarily in a good way, and there's only been one or two this winter.  No hint of snow - that's always fun because it's complete chaos when it happens and the kids get SO excited and Canadian Tire *instantly* sells out of its meager supply of crazy carpets. That doesn't even happen every year.  So I'm a little envious of a temperature change of 20 degrees in one day.  Granted, if that happened here it would be a sudden summer heat wave, but still...

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scruffy - we just watched the Business of Being Born too! And the first time a baby was born, *I* was the one who said, "waitaminute, she just had the baby!! Just like that!" So both my husband and I found it very informative to see how labor worked, and then to see how very quickly the baby-comes-out part happens. And of course, I cried at every birth as well! My husband teared up several times as well. smile.gif We'd already been planning a home birth, so the movie didn't change any of our opinions in that regard, but after watching it, I *did* decide for sure that I really wanted to have a birth tub as part of it. Our bath tub just isn't very big, and being in the water looked SO nice.


writermama - my appetite has soared as well! Suddenly I need two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, and some snacks, in order to feel satisfied. Not stuffed, just satisfied! I guess eating frequently is good for the baby (according to my midwives), though, because it keeps blood sugar levels more even. So I try to be okay with just eating more often, rather than stuffing myself silly at any given meal. Sometimes I get annoyed at having to feed myself so often, though!


spughy - the roids sound awful. greensad.gif I have never had them before, but with a description like, "a marble covered with blackberry thorns stuck up your rear," I think maybe now I will be able to identify them if I get them. wink1.gif


As for me, sleepy today, and I've had a stuffy nose for about the last week, that seems to be simply pregnancy-related and not a cold. Otherwise, still feeling pretty good, and looking forward to making it to my zumba class again tonight. My husband and I sat down and had a talk about getting ready for baby AND about the whole "following direction" vs. "taking initiative" ways of caretaking. It was a little difficult, but we got some good resolution out of it. I still feel a little weird about how so much of this is set up to focus on *me* during the birth, because it feels a little one-sided. But there isn't really an option - HE can't push out the baby! And I managed to get some discussion going also about what I could do to help make the process of getting ready for the baby easier for him, and even though there's not much, at least he knows that I'm paying attention, and I have a few things I can do. So I felt pretty good about our communication, and that always helps. smile.gif

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C.Chip - glad the talk with your DP went well.  We watched another series of Homebirths (a DVD from Isreal) last night and continued our open conversation.  Nothing too deep yet. 


Spughy - I'm not a fan of your weather in the winter.  And I LOVE how the break in the cold snap cheers everyone up.  You should see the town today - everyone is smiling and practically skipping!  Horrible news on the 'roids!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you feel better soon!


WriterMama - I, too gained 2 pounds this month (my personal high so far this pregnancy.)  But my appetite still hasn't even returned to normal, much less increased.  I'm sure when that happens, I'll see a giant gain!!


My boobs grew again... This is not an exciting development for me.  I'd like them to stop.  I told my midwife I thought they got bigger and she nodded and said she could tell.  Thx.  The last "new" bras I purchased are still doing the trick, and I'd like not to have to order more.  My ribs haven't expanded yet - not sure if it happens to everyone or not, but I remember you gals talking about it last week.  IF I need to order new bras, I'll keep that in mind.  I think the biggest new one I have is a "K cup"... irked.gif I don't want them to get any bigger!!!  I'm very surprised my back isn't complaining too much!  In fact, my back has probably felt the best it's felt in years - go figure!!!!!

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Yes! to the increased hormones and increased appetite! UGH.  oh well.


AFM: passed the 1 hour GTT, so yay! no 3 hour! no big hurdles until the end, when we do GBS testing, yet appointments are going to every 2 weeks. wonderful. I might bring DS with me to the next one so he can hear the heartbeat, I think he might like that. And see about signing up for the big brother class - do that either in January or February? we'll see when they have openings. I mean, he's already a big brother, but last time he was too young to do much.


I want to watch the BOBB part 2. when I find time. LOL


Starting to work on getting prepared for this nugget. Makes it so real. Less than 3 months! ish (I'll be 28 weeks Wednesday)

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Starving all day long -- check! Crying at the drop of a hat -- check! Pelvic and low back pain -- check! Oh man, ladies. Just a few more months of this marathon and we will be holding our squishy little BABIES! I try to keep that in mind as often as possible these days biggrinbounce.gif


All this talk about The Business of Being Born makes me want to watch it again! My midwife sent us home with some birth videos too- gotta bring those out soon. Which will, of course, make me cry like a baby.


spughy- the 'roids sound TERRIBLE! Okay, I can't remember where I heard this, but I think it was in doula training (or from the doula who ran my nursing moms group) but can you push it back in? That's what I've heard is supposed to help right away. I have not tried it first hand, have never experience it *fingers crossed* but that's just what I've heard. Sorry if it's the weirdest advice EVER. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Thanks for the fun in the spotlight thread!! It was nice to be distracted from some of the drama going on IRL right now, and super fun to answer people's questions! Who wants a toe reading now??! Haha.


Since I was released from the hospital two weeks ago, I've been taking meds to control the worst of my chest tightness. Some days, I've felt really good. Other days, I am having "episodes" more often than not. It's really solidifying for me that this could very well be my final pregnancy. This time around is much worse than with DD, so I'm not so sure I want to risk a third time. Anyway, I'm surviving. Because I've had some really rough days, I'm feeling like a pretty terrible mom at the moment. DD watches TV sometimes when I can't get up, and I feel like most of our days together are spent with her playing independently. I read books fairly often still, and sing songs, and manage to get it together to feed her healthy meals and snacks. But I feel badly that she's suffering for my not feeling well!!


Our financial situation was pretty grim a couple of months ago (crazy- when I got pregnant this time, I had TWO jobs and was in a much better place - things can go downhill pretty fast) but now it is even more so. I was supposed to start working part time next week, but now I have doctors orders that I am not to be working. We lost thousands of dollars when my business went under a few months ago. My car was repossessed last month. Now, I am not able to earn anything. I was always the one generating a larger part of our family income, and now my husband is working every minute he can to try and make ends meet. It doesn't help that he's missed a lot of work this month with my hospital trip and needing him to be home to help with DD. This past weekend was our first trip to the food bank. It was a strange experience, but everyone there was really nice and now we have food for the week. I never thought I would be in this place at this point in my life.


We are still living with MIL and working as hard as we can to pull together the money to pay a deposit and first month's rent on our own place. It's a tough time of year to be saving for that, because we are pretty much having to choose between Christmas and a workable living situation. We qualify for low income housing, but the wait lists are just insane. It has been made very clear that we aren't welcome to stay here much longer, and certainly not once the new baby comes. We just found a new home for my dog of six years because we can't afford her food and care, nor an extra pet deposit. Wow. Sorry for the really depressing post. It's just the reality of what's happening in my life right now.


I could use some advice regarding my MIL- Obviously, it is not ideal that we are living with her. She does enjoy having DD around though. Anyway, I am supposed to be lowering my stress levels anywhere possible, because my midwife and OB think that stress is heavily contributing to my heart issues. MIL is chronically ill (pain, fatigue, depression, IBS, etc) and therefore very hard to speak to about anything sensitive. She will cry at the drop of a hat, feels victim to a shitty life and illness, etc. Well, since I haven't been working, she has stopped cleaning up after herself at all. She will pile all her dishes in the sink, unrinsed, and go to bed, leaving me to clean up. She eats standing up in the kitchen and gets crumbs all over the counter and floor and just leaves them there. It's become an issue for me because I feel like she considers me to be her personal maid service on account of our living situation. I stopped washing her dishes a couple days ago, and now they are all still piled on the counter. What do I do? Am I wrong to want to say something about it? Am I wrong to feel like she should be able to wash her own dishes?

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VeganMoma - hug2.gif Concerning your MIL, I'd think that having your DP discuss this with her could be appropriate.  It's his mother.  ?

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spughy- the 'roids sound TERRIBLE! Okay, I can't remember where I heard this, but I think it was in doula training (or from the doula who ran my nursing moms group) but can you push it back in? That's what I've heard is supposed to help right away. I have not tried it first hand, have never experience it *fingers crossed* but that's just what I've heard. Sorry if it's the weirdest advice EVER. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Yes, they can be pushed back in! I only know this because it came up during the birth I attended over the weekend. The midwife offered to push the mama's roids back in if she wanted. Hmm... maybe I don't want to be a midwife afterall. grossedout.gif  I haven't had to deal with them personally yet (knock on wood), but I can see where they rank right up there with a broken tailbone. No Fun!!


As far was your MIL goes, I agree with scruffy. Enlist your DH's help. You don't need the stress of that situation, and if it's his mom then he needs to step in. I hope you get some resolution soon.


akindl - congrats on passing the GTT. I found out over the weekend that I did as well, and had really low numbers to book. I asked if that meant I could enjoy more cake in my diet. orngbiggrin.gif  My midwife neither confirmed nor banned that idea. 

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spughy- the 'roids sound TERRIBLE! Okay, I can't remember where I heard this, but I think it was in doula training (or from the doula who ran my nursing moms group) but can you push it back in? That's what I've heard is supposed to help right away. I have not tried it first hand, have never experience it *fingers crossed* but that's just what I've heard. Sorry if it's the weirdest advice EVER. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Originally Posted by maydaymom10 View Post

Yes, they can be pushed back in! I only know this because it came up during the birth I attended over the weekend. The midwife offered to push the mama's roids back in if she wanted. Hmm... maybe I don't want to be a midwife afterall. grossedout.gif  I haven't had to deal with them personally yet (knock on wood), but I can see where they rank right up there with a broken tailbone. No Fun!!


Ones that start internally and protrude can be pushed back in, but this is all external - pushing it in wouldn't do any good and would be extraordinarily painful, harder to treat (as it is, I can coat the entire swollen mass with hydrocortisone - sorry for the TMI visual there) and fruitless as it would just pop out any time I sat down, moved, had a bowel movement, etc.  Hemorrhoids present differently in different people and mine have always been external so a lot of the conventional advice sadly doesn't apply.  "Push it in" isn't weird advice at all though, it's totally what you should do - for more internal roids.  I talked to my midwife today and explained everything I was doing and she didn't have any additional advice to offer.  One day, when I win the lottery though, I'm gonna make a totally awesome roid cream containing over 1% hydrocortisone, a kick-ass topical anaesthetic and peppermint oil.  Why does this not exist?  We can't even buy over 0.5% hydrocortisone here - I'm just hoping the tube I bought in the States last time I was there holds out.  And standard 'roid medications (like prep H and anusol) have some complete wussy anaesthetic agent - it does barely anything and hardly lasts at all. 


You CAN get them removed - a doctor puts a teeny elastic band around the swollen part, and deprived of blood, the protrusion shrivels up and drops off relatively painlessly (similar to castration methods used on calves and lambs).  However, it's never the same vein twice for me, so this wouldn't really solve anything.  For some reason, I'm just really prone to this and while I can go years between outbreaks, when they get me, they get me.


veganyogamama - I'm generally in favour of multi-generational living  situations but it sounds like that one isn't working for either you or your MIL.  It also sounds like she's depressed, and probably a bit resentful despite enjoying your DD around?  I'm guessing you didn't work out a plan between you, your DH and her for who does what around the house or compensation for staying with her - is it possible she feels that because everything is harder with 3 extra bodies in a house, she's entitled to some housework from you?  Obviously it would have been more polite (not to mention functional and effective) to say something to you rather than simply leaving dirty dishes in the sink, but I don't think it's unrealistic for her - especially if she is unwell - to expect a certain amount of domestic work in exchange for the temporary lodgings.  Maybe if you were to look realistically at what you can offer in that regard and discuss it with her, draw up a schedule etc., that would help?  Often disagreements about domestic duties go away once everyone's clear on who belongs to which jobs.  And maybe if she could have sit-down meals with you, that would increase overall civility in the household too. smile.gif  And maybe reassure her that making the house less stressful for everyone ISN'T going to make you want to stay there longer!

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I'm technically due in April (part of the AprilDDC as well) but I will be having a scheduled csection the last week in March. Figured I'd start posting in here as well. I didn't see an introduction thread so I popped in here. My name is Jennifer and this is #2 for me (a girl again :-) )
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Veganyogamomma – hug2.gif Hugs to you right now. Hang in there. Money for us has been difficult the last few years too. Christmas last year was really sucky. I think Spughy’s advice seems really sound. Perhaps reaching out to your MIL over a shared meal might help restore some civility.


Spughy - So sorry for your nether pains, but I had to laugh when you described your dreams in which they were featured. I had the weirdest dream the other night. In my dream I was getting ready to attend my high school cheerleading reunion (which is ridiculous because I only cheered for one season during my Freshman year, while I was on the debate team mind you, and really didn’t like it). I realized however my body had grown past the “It just looks like I had a big lunch” phase, and there would be no way I could squeeze into my old skirt. So I decided I better find something new for the reunion. I had just taken off my shirt in a dressing room and was about to try something on when I realized DH’s penis was growing out of my chest- as in his entire unit and two bits now a part of my body between my clavicle and boobs! yikes2.gifWTF!!!!!!!!!! A sales assistant on the other side of the dressing room door asked if she could help me and I quickly panicked, because I was afraid she would see his/ mine/ our junk. When I woke up, I had to grab my chest to make sure it wasn’t real.


Hormones have also been running rampant lately with me too. My sacrum is so ouchy. I will make an appointment online tonight if possible. I just heard about this place in town that runs on a sliding scale, so that gives me hope that if this works, I can keep it up for a while.


Love the BOBB talk! I’ve watched all of them, and I think for any first time mamas out there, they are a must-see in terms of having some positive visualizations for you to reference.


This week is a busy one. After work commitments are piled high. Aqua-natal this evening; tomorrow I teach till 6; Wednesday I teach and have a show until about 7:30; Thursday I have a meeting followed by DS’s pre-school holiday concert (really looking forward to this!); Friday I teach and have a show until about 7:30 followed by a staff holiday party. Trying to take it one day at a time. 

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MaydayMom: Ouch on the tail bone! Hopefully you're feeling better, soon. 


Scruffy: 17 degrees C may be 1 degree F, but that's still darn cold for me. :) We're in the 30's (F) here in the morning and I'm just cold.\

My ribs have expanded and I notice it in the bra department when stuff doesn't fit. Pre-pregnancy I was in a 34, now I need a 38. I found these little "extender" things at the fabric store which are doing the trick, somewhat. It at least gives me a little room around. I don't want to buy any more normal bras, so I'm holding out. I think my next batch will be nursing bras so I'm set for the spring.


Writermama: Congrats on the weigh slow, I'm hoping mine also considers to slow to a normal pace.


spupgy: Ouch. I'm sorry, that does NOT sound like fun. 


chocolate chip: Sorry you're sick.


akindl: My MW hinted that I can refuse the GD test, so I'm skipping it. She said there were no indications that I had it and I've never had issues in the past. Hoping she lets me skip the GBS test. 


VeganMomma: Your MIL sounds A LOT like my mother. Passive-aggresive and always the victim. It is enough to drive you crazy and the idea of living with my mother would send me into a high blood pressure issue.

I think you need to enlist the help of your DP to talk to her. You cannot work, that means you also cannot be responsible for all the housework. It would be obvious to most people. The suggestions for eating as a family and talking about the responsibilities of chores seems good, but if she is anything like my mother, the passive-aggresive issues will continue and this may fall on deaf ears. Coming to terms with a plan and perhaps putting it into writing might help. And, no, you are not wrong to assume she will wash her own dishes.


JennJenn: Welcome! 


ClumsySugarPlum: Hear you on the busy!


AFM: I'm also busy. I'm trying to secretly sew a quilt for my husband. He wants a recycled denim quilt and I've managed to get about 1/4 of it put together without him noticing, but I may not have enough old pairs of jeans. I have a stack of jeans my son has put holes into over the years, so there's  A LOT of small pieces, ranging from 2T on up. At this moment I am happy he is so hard on his clothes. I should talk about the year I didn't have to buy shorts, but I learned how to hem. :) I might have to cut up the maternity ones that never stay up, but that really won't be a big loss. I have a beautiful hand painted batik fabric my sister brought me from South Africa (she used to live there) that I am going to use as the quilt back. I need to pick up some fabric that matches for the binding so I'm not scrambling on Christmas Eve. I'm using Gee Bends quilts as inspiration (Scraps quilts from the south). Mine will be a little less angular because I seem to have a mental block about making non-square, but it's been fun to "make" the scraps fit and it will be a really warm quilt. 

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Welcome Jenn!


SugarPlum - that's one heck of a crazy dream!!  Wow! 


My mother called me this am saying "guess who just had a baby boy??"  Since we don't know any mutual friends who are pregnant I was stumped!  Just her best friend's daughter (and my best friend's sister) but she's due mid-January.  So I finally said "Tilly?"  And she was so excited I almost couldn't understand her.  Apparently the little bundle of joy came last night and weighs 7 lbs 2 oz and everything went fine.  So I've basically been crying on and off since then (obviously happy tears!)  Our two families are soooo close the last 30+ years (her parents set up my parents on a blind date...) and she's the first one to have a baby - I'll be the second.  Her mom flew down to visit my mom last month so they could sew up a storm together and get all gushy.  It's just awesome news!

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Scruffy - hooray for happy baby news!


Vegan - We lived with my MIL from the point I was about 6 months pregnant with #2 until she was about 5 months old. She's the opposite of yours in that she's incredibly OCD about cleaning and we were told we were welcome there as long as needed. (our house went into foreclosure, we filed bankruptcy, etc)  . . . no less passive agressive though. It's not a fun living situation. When my parents had their basement apartment tenants move out, we jumped at the chance to move in. Rent is basically nada, we do joint meals when we can, and we have our own space - it's really the ideal multifamily living situation. Yeah, we'd love to really have our own space one day, but are in no hurry. At MIL . . OMG. we left as soon as we could. My 2 cents, in the long run, your LOs may or may not remember this Christmas. But the energy in the house is not good and can affect them for much longer. Everyone will be happier if you can get out and that is priority #1. Don't feel guilty about that.


And yes, If he's willing, have your DH talk to her. It won't be an easy conversation, but have him make clear that your health and that of the baby, is paramount (ok, so that's priority 1, new place is 2) - and you are on BEDREST. that means you are NOT her maid. It may mean he needs to step in and clean up if she's unable to (though that seems unfair to him, since he's already working a ton . . .)


Hemorrhoids. I hope to never have them. And while ligating them may seem fruitless, since they come back. it's still one less cluster you're dealing with.


I'm overweight, well, obese by bmi -whatever- so I didn't think there was any chance of me skipping the GTT (despite not having any issues or even big babies in the past) - so I just suck it up and do it.


Weight gain. overall, I'm up just less than 10 lbs I think. I was almost 220 when I got pregnant, but I lost 5lbs, and have gained them back. This morning I was 228. I'm pretty happy with that amount of gain, and think I'll gain at most another 5-7 before this one is born, which I'm ok with.


Potty training my oldest and making progress. I need to start working on him using the big potty rather than the potty chair. So that we can maybe try and do some diaper-free outings.

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ClumsySugarPlum - OMG I hate that kind of dream!!! I've had  those sorts of dreams too - where body parts are doing things they just should NOT do... horrible.  And you do totally check when you wake up! 


Scruffy - that's great baby news!  So exciting!


akind1 - glad to hear your potty training is going well.  I'm always a bit baffled by potty training, I have to say - we had such a weird experience with DD that I just have no real context for more normal procedures.  We intended to do EC with her but the breastfeeding stuff was just too overwhelming so we ended up using diapers instead.  Then when it came time to introduce the potty, we got one for her and she absolutely refused to use it.  Would not even sit on it (unless she was fully clothed and it was just a seat.)  Then one day when she was about 2 1/2 she abruptly announced that she would pee on the potty from now on.  We were like "uhh...ok" and took off her diaper and put on some underpants and waited for the accidents.  She had exactly ONE, which was after she chugged a glass of water or something right before we went out and then claimed she didn't have to pee and didn't get my explanation of "if you don't pee now, you'll need to pee in 10 minutes" because 2 year olds just have no concept of 10 minutes.  But that was it.  After that one accident she learned, she went pee when I suggested it was a good idea, and she never had another pee accident ever - she was even dry at night and has never, ever wet the bed.  But, she refused to POOP in the potty for another full year.  She'd come up to me and ask for a diaper and she'd go stand in the closet and have a poop.  We had conversations about this and she was just always "not ready".  So, whatever - I wasn't going to put her in a position where she was withholding poop because that leads to all kinds of physiological problems that are WAY worse than having to wash one or two diapers a day (I did put my foot down that if she was going to do that, she had to do it in a cloth diaper.)  Then when she was 3 1/2 our downstairs neighbour wanted to introduce HER daughter to the potty and she asked if my DD would be interested in showing her how it's done.  DD was all "sure!" and then decided that just peeing in the potty wasn't good enough for demonstration purposes and she decided it was time to poop in the potty too, if she was going to be mentoring someone.   So my potty-training experience is kind of that parents don't have any say in these things at all.  (And we tried bribes and treats and everything... nothing worked except just waiting for DD to decide to do it on her own.)  I know, intellectually, that's not true and other parents have a lot of success with various strategies enticing kids onto the potty - but I feel like that's a part of parenting that has just completely passed me by. lol.gif

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akindl: When we moved into our current house, we had to replace the seats on the toilets. The previous owners had these wooded seats and they were cracked in the guest bathroom.  I found a child friendly seat, it has 2 seats instead of one, the top one being small enough for a little potty training bottom. Adults flip this up and use the normal seat. This was actually a MAJOR help in getting the kids to use the potty because they didn't have to hang on so tight in fear of falling in and it didn't pinch (that was a set back with my little boy). I picked it up at home depot and just swapped out the normal seat. It also was nice because the kids were able to say "goodbye" to the floor potty chair and I reclaimed part of my bathroom. 

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spughy - I wish DS would make that announcement. I've actually backed off potty training for awhile. We have a trainer potty in each bathroom and he gets a m&m for asking to sit on it or, even more exciting, when he actually tells us that he's poopy. He has no desire to use it for it's intended purpose and I'm not going to push it. I was hoping that he'd be potty trained before this new one gets here, but I've given up on that for now. My MIL is visiting in a few weeks for xmas. Maybe she'll take it on as a challenge while she's here like she did when he was learning to crawl. More power to her. 


clumsy - OMG, what a dream! I haven't had any crazy dreams with this pregnancy yet, but that one would totally freak me out! 


Nothing much going on around here today. DS & I got out of the house for a bit, which is a big step for us this week. My motivation has been pretty low and poor DS is paying dearly for it with not being able to run around & let off energy. He got to play with my FIL for a few hours while I went to the dentist and ran some errands. Now I'm thinking it's nap time for both of us. Later I have to make some cookies for my MOPS group tomorrow and am hoping that I don't eat them all. Mmmm... cookies!

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