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broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif  HALFWAY DONE! HALFWAY DONE!  broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif This is my halfway done dance! I will be the big 20 weeks tomorrow!!!


Last week Saturday I got on the scale and it said I had magically gained 3 lbs in one week! I even weighed myself for a couple of days after that because I couldn't believe it! Well, this last week I had hardly any appetite compared to the last 19 weeks (except for a weird 24 hours of hungriness) and I also walked the treadmill 3 days this week and today scale says I magically lost 2 lbs. So I am back to my regular schedule of gaining 1 pound per week. That being said, my stomach feels huge today! I think it's just bloat, since I have been eating oranges like crazy the last few days.


This weekend we will be riding out some supposedly bad weather. Rain, turning to freezing rain, turning to snow. Our neighbor friend and her 1 year old are coming over for a playdate/cookie baking on Sunday. DH was so cute today and bought a new sled to pull DD and the one year old in when they come over. Nothing else going on I think. DD asked tonight if she could go to grandma's house tomorrow and watch TV...silly girl! It's not like we don't have a TV!


I have been doing my own prenatals since 9 weeks and was planning on possibly UCing but lately I have been having some cold feet on the UCing part. Not that I don't think I can do it but I just can't seem to visualize it actually happening in my house. Also, I just really don't want to have just given birth and then be responsible for cleaning up my placenta and any other blood or mess. So now I am wondering if it is best to have a few appts close to the end rather than just showing up to the hospital in labor and have the nurses or doctor freak out since I have no official prenatals or info. On the other hand I don't want to go in late in the 3rd tri and be drilled with testing and questions then either. I am hoping to get in with my old OB/family doc (who delivered our first baby) since she knows my history already and knows I am not a nut and that I do take care of myself, etc. Also, since she knows me she just might take my own hand written prenatal records seriously, rather than them meaning nothing to whoever is on duty at the hospital. (side note: our clinic and hospital are together and you always get your own OB as your delivering doctor.)

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The weekend?  I work weekends so that my partner works weekdays. That said, I really enjoy work. It is definitely a nice break, which has the benefit of making me appreciate home too. I remember when I first started working how strange it was to interact with people who didn't know that I had a baby.  My baby was everything in my world and it seemed inconceivable that someone would not know about it.  Now I enjoy the ability to have different roles.  But a full mat leave will be nice again too =)

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Hi Ladies,

I'm still around although a lot has happened in the past weeks. I went back to the US just before thanksgiving to visit family (for a thankfully drama less visit, mostly) in Baton Rouge, then went 'home' to Boston to have a MW appointment and any doctors for this pregnancy. The doctors were not happy with the medical treatment I am getting in Japan mainly because the OB here is treating me as a low risk but accoding to them I am high high risk. This is due to my history as well as the rheumatoid arthritis and celiacs. They are anxious (as am I) about the heart scan. They did a long 3d/4d (over an hour) but still could not determine the status of the heart at 17 weeks but we definitely know what we are having. I had an appointment every single day I was back in Boston - 7 days! I also had a consult with a genetic counselor due to DH age (41, didn't know that was an issue) and my pregnancy history. There also seems to be a problem with my blood pressure. Mostly its way down 30-40 points below my normal) but sometimes it skyrockets (30-40 points above). I think it's leveling out but I still have days when I feel like a train ran me over. There is also edema (swelling) in my ankles and feet which they can't pinpoint as pregnancy related or rheumatoid related. Rather disturbing. But the maternal fetal ob warned me that I could go into a flare from RA at any time so I should be prepared to go back to my injections and onto a steroid (ick!). So much for as natural as possible. He also told me that although its early yet, I have a partial placenta previa and that if it becomes a full, I will be on bed rest and no vbac for me.

Then I returned to continue the family visit in Baton Rouge for another 5 days where I gave my daughter a birthday party at an inflatable place. It was expensive but so worth it. I would have been too tired otherwise to even enjoy the friends and family that did make it.

We are moving, this time officially on January 25 from Tokyo back to Boston. It's only 6 weeks away and it feels like forever. We have a lot planned for the coming weeks in Tokyo but jet lag has really hit me and DD hard this time. We had virtually none when we arrived in japan the first time, and nearly none when we arrived in the US last time. And now neither of us can figure out why we are so miserable. Unfortunately this means packing for moving is inevitable and when we arrived we were packed for a stay of a year. So now I will have to either sort it out myself or let DH have a go (which he has already volunteered to do!). I did already bring back 2 large parachute bags (highly recommend for packing clothes if you are going overseas or away for a long time! They fit a huge amount) on our trip last time. We won't make it in just suitcases mainly because of my books. But I'm hoping that's about 4 small boxes of shipping only...bound to be more if I do the packing though.

I did get to buy some maternity clothes in the US, but they are still swimming on me at 18 weeks. So much more comfortable.

I hope to be able to catch up to the threads but it will take a while. I'm still finishing prepping my applications for grad school which are due...and did someone mention Christmas is almost here redface.gif. Thankfully I'm prepared for DD already, DHs birthday is Dec 30, DDs birthday is on New Year's Eve, so we have quite a week ahead of us. I brought a small fake Christmas tree back with us since they are hard to obtain here. DD can't wait to decorate, as soon as we can stay awake long enough/have the energy.

I hope everyone is well and are heading into a wonder filled holiday!
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wave.gifHi Jacquelinej! I have been thinking about you the last few days. I thought I had remembered right that you were moving or something around now-ish.


That sounds like a lot on your plate! Sorry about the complications you are having, NO FUN. Good luck with the packing, I hate packing and moving, although it is a nice time to get to go through your stuff and chuck things you don't want or need anymore. Sounds like you DO have a busy week (or 2) coming up. We have all fall and winter bdays here too, but more spread out than yours. DH is Nov 4, mine is January 29, and DD's is 5 days after that. Mix those in with the holidays and it seems like some sort of party every few weeks.

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It's snowing here! This is our first real snow of the season (I'm in Vancouver) and it is so pretty. I love it! Of course, the fact that I have nowhere to go and can stay in has a little to do with my enjoyment:) I think we'll be having a baking and hot chocolate day today /contented sigh:) Hope all you ladies are having a lovely day!

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Cadybh - My daughter would totally use the baby monitor as an intercom too. We haven't used one in a long time though. She is in a bed too and will come get me in the morning or she will just yell down the hall that she can't find her blankey in the middle of the night.


 Last night it was the sticker from his book about Mars.  Ha.  



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Cadybh, I think I messed up and added too much of one ingredient like that last year.  Well, you'll have plenty of cookies!  We have a monitor but have always stopped using it as soon as their cries were louder than the soft newborn cry.  Our house is not that big and we can hear them fine.  My DH sleeps through everything too!  I remember one time when DD2 was little during a time of her waking a lot that he commented on how well she was sleeping.  After I shot daggers into him with my eyes I let him know that she woke on average 6x a night and he just slept through it.  I am praying this baby gets his ability to sleep through everything!  I know it's not funny at 2am but your DS's request for you to look with the flashlight is so funny!



Ha, yes, in the morning when I recounted the story to DH (who, actually, DS had been calling but of course did not wake up!) it was funny already, it's just harder at 2 AM.  YES, I have about 10 dozen cookies in the freezer I think between my gaff and the previously-made gingerbread men/women/children.  At least I can pawn some off on our family next week!!!  


Marie, I love those candy cane cookies but you're so right, they ARE overly fussy.  Maybe in 10 years.  Ha.  Sounds like you needed some Play Doh to squash instead perhaps, a good stress-buster, heehee.  Good decision leaving the house!




Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post


I do have a question... did any of you switch from full time to part time? I want to ask my boss for me to go part time once this babe is born, but it's pretty unheard of in my office, so I'm looking for advice. 


Yes, I did.  Luckily I had someone else in my group who already was so I knew it was acceptable to my boss.  Maybe chat with HR first to see what's allowed?  Also, check what is required as far as hours for FT.  I only have to work 30 hrs/week to be considered FT at my job.  You might be surprised!  Good luck, having some extra time off during the week with my son has been one of the best decisions I've ever made as a parent.  We both treasure what we call "Bradley Mommy Day," each week.


Amanda, I have had a rough 2-3 weeks I have to say, been feeling quite dizzy and out of it, etc.  I don't remember this happening last time with DS but it has hit me hard this time around.  I am feeling better now and turn 17 weeks today, so just hang in there I guess!  I really love your sentiment, "sparkly things and cheese."  Perfect!


eepeepee, I know just what you mean, everything I want is really not for me, ha.  I asked for $ to buy maternity jeans, and a new pair of Bass/Dansko clogs as every other pair of shoes I own feels awfully uncomfortable already.  And some tea.  That's all I could think of!  Isn't it terrible?  Perhaps go the sparkly things and cheese route? :)


Lynnann - any news??


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