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December TWW

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Hey everyone!

More people will be joining the TWW shortly, so I thought I would make this space specifically to help pass the time as we wait and hope... I am studying for one of my final exams tomorrow and enjoying taking breaks reading posts and insanely checking/looking at my FF charts, even though I have already finished inseminating for the month. Goodness! This process!


I believe I am O'ing as we speak. I inseminated last night for the last time with KD sperm, and feel positive about my timing this month. Got the +OPK yesterday around 11am, typical for me. Had already inseminated 2 times with KD this month (once on thursday and once on Friday, the sperm could still be alive now) so I didn't want to ask him to do it again today. I think last night was sufficient. I am going to check my mucus again soon and expect to see a temperature spike tomorrow morning.


Any strategies for passing the two weeks?

My 14DPO will be 23rd of December, if I counted right... I will probably test 10DPO, 12DPO and beyond.

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I know we're on the same cycle, or within a few days. My plan for the tww is to have a lot of social events to distract me. When I'm home or at work, I think too much about it, but when I am out with people, it is a lot easier to be chill.  I've been getting (and hope to continue receiving) daily massages from my wife, who is really sweet. All the holidaze kerfluffle will be distracting too. We have barely started shopping at all. Although, I have no energy or motivation to shop, so maybe it will be an Amazon.com Christmas this year.

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hahah mrs... my partner and I don't celebrate Xmas too much, he is Jewish and I am sort of... atheist/not the biggest holiday person. BUT, I do have final exams and can make some social plans to keep me busy. You are lucky to be getting massages! I need to ask my hubby for some!


Is exercise recommended at all in the 2ww? Probably just light exercise, right?

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I am pretty anti-christmas/christianity and as a family we're focused on simple living, so we don't do a lot of materialism. however, our families both celebrate like, well, it's christmas, and having a kid, we get caught up in trying to Make Memories and spoil him, so we never get away with ignoring it all together. It's a good distraction this year, though! Maybe I should get obsessed with garland making or paper snowflake making to distract myself further. 


I think exercise is OK if you were doing it before - like, now is not the time to start training for a marathon, but if you already run fifty miles a week, it would be hard to just give that up. My plan is to take a couple days off around the IUIs and then walk on a treadmill the usual amount. I usually do yoga, but I have heard mixed things about how good it can be during the early days so I usually steer clear. 

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oh! and i have a giant stack of books i'm trying to read by year end. that will help a lot.

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yeahhhh, good idea to read. Just got a book Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates that DP and I are really excited about.

Talks about all the issues that come up around rep. tech., etc. 

I have one more final exam on the 18th (after today) and that will keep me busy as well!

For now, it feels really good to have O'ed and be in 1DPO... I always get really bloated and uncomfortable right before O and HATE it.

Haha, I bet that is what early pregnancy can feel like!


Also watching the Business of Being Born movie & series, walking my dogs...

I think I will try to email one person I haven't heard from in a while each day in my 2ww. A loved one or friend that I want to reach out to!

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Yay, now I can join this thread too.
My plan is to prepare lots of holiday stuff and tons of work.
I already sewed 3 shirts for my nieces and nephews yesterday, the 2013 birthday collection. Each year they all get a different shirt with the age they are becoming as a big number on front from the same fabric. So they are all different but still match. It is always a big hit on their birthday in preschool. I also made a tote bag for a friend who is currently living with us while appartment hunting (this all after he had to leave his original home when he got his first boyfriend and coming out earlier this year) and a felt Ipad cover for DP.
And at work we have the fall exams due on tuesday (400 students 2 papers each) so I can grade those until I want to strangle myself (I despise marathon grading), plus classes here go until the 21st.
Sports I will continue. I'll run at least twice a week, but will reduce it to 1,5-2,5 hours. It's too cold and snowy for longer runs anyway. I am signed up for a 73km ultra-marathon in may, an important event hat I do every year with my family. so I will continue training for that but concentrate the heavier stuff (30km and marathons) at the beginning of each cycle. I want to remain open to the possibility that a pregnancy might not happen and need sth. to look forward to and some sense of normalcy in this TTC craziness. If it does work, I will gladly move my registration from the ultramarathon to the 17km nordic-walking tour.
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So cool you are athletic. I am not particularly into sports but I do enjoy exercise. Mrsandmrs and I were just posting about this- and I agree with her exercise is fine- but

what did the doc tell you about pre-implantation exercise? I want to go to the gym today but I am only 3DPO. I would welcome your knowledge!


Finals are keeping me busy.  I have one more exam on the 18th and one more day of work on the 19th. Then break! DP and I are going to Santa Fe for the 28-January 2. Will be nice to get away.


My mind is all over the place during this TWW... Do I start to make plans? It is tough to be neutral with so much uncertainty. I can tell you I am for sure experiencing "symptoms" but they may not necessarily be related to pregnancy! (Fatigue, sore gums, "full" feeling in abdomen, vacillating appetite.) Could be stress from finals/post-insemination crash/who knows. But still exciting!

If I get pregnant this cycle I would be due August 27, 2013!  orngbiggrin.gif


Also, what day is everyone testing?

I am 14DPO on December 24, but I will probably test at 10 and 12DPO, using strips, and then digital on the 24th.

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Tthreadcrashing to put in my 2 cents about exercise during the TWW.  If you are not using any medications to create more than one follicle, I don't think there is any need to change your exercise routine.  I saw a doctor through most of my cycles, and the only time they told me to watch what I did was when I was using injectables and had multiple follicles.  They don't want you to risk twisting your ovaries because they are so big.  The only time I have heard warnings about exercise in regard to implantation it was with IVF ladies.  At 3DPO, the eggie would still be in the fallopian tubes most likely, and I don't think you can shake it out.  In summary, I say go for it!  Being healthy and active can make you more fertile and keep you pregnant.  Exercise gets your blood pumping and I would imagine increases blood flow to your reproductive organs, and that's a good thing.  Do something fun too.  I liked to get a pedicure.

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Pokey! Thanks! Great advice... I was thinking about getting a pedicure lips.gif

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Yay indeed. From what I learned a fertilized egg can't fall out of it is jostled or anything and there is absolutely no way of influencing what may or may not happen.

I do think that one shouldn't do any exercise that puts the body under heavy stress and creates negative immune system reactions. Cardio sports like running a marathon eg., because that usually leads to really low blood sugar and dehydration and several days elavated white blood cells. I also wouldn't go skiing in the freezing cold for a whole day or do lots of high intensity / maximum pulse training that puts you in the anaerobic zone. Simply anything that might make my body believe it is threatened and thus shouldn't procreate. Since we all have different levels of pre-TTC fitness one person might feel like dying if she had to run 3 miles (and suffer for days) whereas somebody who is used to it doesn't even start sweating. If I had a gym at my disposal I would probably forego any weightlifting that puts stress on the lower abdominal muscles just to be safe and skip the advanced spinning bike class but perhaps some elliptical, a fun dance class or yoga to create lots of positive energy.

Testing - I will test out the hcg shot first with the cheapo strips, which could take up to 10 days I heard. Perhaps I'll just keep on testing afterwards and use a digi on christmas eve which is DPO 12 just for fun. And perhaps another digi on DPO 15 if AF hasn't shown until then. Anything I say now might be obsolete in a week though...
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Friederike: If I don't have a BFP already, we will both be testing on Xmas eve (12DPO for you, 14DPO for me)



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friends, i'm 3 dpo and i'm starting to lose it! so soon! i am imagining symptoms and planning due dates! AHHHHHHH!

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Scorpioma- Isn't that cool?  joy.gif

I'll be earlier though, because from a Michigan perspective I live in the future ROTFLMAO.gif


I think 12DPO has something like a 50% accuracy and 14DPO close to 75%!



Mrs - lol, I might perhaps also have put my supposed conception date into a due date calendar. It is totally normal and sane behavior, yes? Sheepish.gif It made me realize that a december BPF would mean the baby arriving extremely close to my and my DPs birthdays (9/1 and 9/2). Not sure how I feel about that. My brother already shares his birthday with his daughter and it sucks for him. Kiddy parties and bounce houses instead of bro's and drinking beer for at least the next 14 years.

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Hahahha! Amazing!

I know, birthdays are a time for US, and you might lose that! On the other hand, MORE to party for!


mrsandmrs: DP and I are the same way, I am 4DPO today and have been pretty obsessive. Ha! I think my due date will be around September 2? What is the best due date calculator? What can we do to save our sanity? How are you feeling physically? I have a list of symptoms for 1-4DPO so far, I can PM them to you if you want! winky.gif


I always thought 14DPO was more in the 80's or 90's percent for BFPs? But I looked it up, and you were right! 17DPO is the 92%? Wow, we might be waiting longer than we thought!

Although chances are we will know, but hey, interesting stuff!


HPT Accuracy Results Percentages: (Based on a 25mIU sensitive test)
10 dpo : 35%
11 dpo : 51%
12 dpo : 62%
13 dpo : 68%
14 dpo : 74%
15 dpo : 80%
16 dpo : 88%
17 dpo : 92%

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i figured out the estimated due date on CD1, then refined it once i knew what day I would O. current EDD is like 9/6/13. my wife's birthday is 9/9. my bday and our DS's birthday are 9 days apart in July, so it would be really funny to have our next birthday near hers. we like to stack the birthday celebrations and eat cake for a week, so it works out well. love.gif

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also, though, for the record, i cannot tell you that anything i do is "normal" or sane. it takes all of my power not to ride the crazy train during the TWW. 

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I have no idea if I have ovulated so I am guess I will say I am 1 dpiui! The nurse said to test on 12/28 but I will probably test on Christmas just for the heck of it. Excited to have the holidays again for distraction (last tww took place over Thanksgiving). We are hosting an open house on Christmas Eve so that will take up a lot of my time, too. We just started our holiday shopping so there is more of that this week and from the 22nd to the end of the month my in laws will be staying with us so we will have a very full house. 


I was looking at due dates and the app I used said it would be September 9th, M&M DWs birthday. smile.gif


I will do some light exercise during the TWW but I will hold off on swimming for a couple weeks. 


I still feel very off about the timing and if and when I did ovulate. I wish there was a home test for proof of ovulation! I would spend big $$$$ to know exactly when this occurs. 

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Darcy, I totally agree, I hate how it takes so long to really determine for sure date of O. At least you know it happened sometime around the OPKs, but soon FF will indicate. Hopefully very soon!


This site has been keeping me busy. I like to read what symptoms they put on each DPO. Haha! Whatever, I don't need to be studying.



Last night I got these hot flashes. It was so weird. My face got BRIGHT red and I was hot to the touch. It is very possible that I am getting sick! Hopefully it's a sign of something else, though.

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