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this is the symptom spotting site i use to torture myself:






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Hi Friends! Even though I think I'm probably out this cycle, I thought maybe I could pop in here since I am technically in the TWW... 


Sounds like everyone has lots of good thoughts on exercise. The first two cycles after we tried I completely fell out of my normal routine and I ended up feeling like crap. I'm not a super-exerciser or anything (I leave that to my marathoner DW), but I usually do some moderate cardio 30-60 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. After my second BFN, I had a long talk with my therapist (who also has medical training, she's fantastic) about reframing my expectations. Regarding exercise, she told me "You could be a Cirque du Soleil performer and still go out and do your normal routine every night, and it would have zero impact on whether or not implantation occurred." I appreciated the combination of good advice and making me laugh winky.gif

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mrsandmrs: YAY for temp spike! (not that I am chart stalking or anything) biggrinbounce.gif


Sphinxy: Hahahah Cirque du Soleil? that made me laugh out loud, and feel much,  much calmer. Thank you. Happy you are home from your trip! orngbiggrin.gif


Darcy: FF will come through for you soon and indicate O! I know it! Maybe even tomorrow, and all will be clear to you! (I will WILL them to hurry up!

That is the absolute worst part for me (waiting for the cross hairs).  2whistle.gif


Friederike: How are you feeling? I hope good and pregnant! Haha, I know we can never feel much this early...But last night my DP was up all night because I was radiating so much heat. Usually, I am freezing at night. Either I am sick, or pregnant. What a fun game. Sick or Pregnant? Could be a game show...ROTFLMAO.gif


AFM, it looks as though (or maybe I am imagining this) my chart is moving towards a triphasic pattern. This is not it's normal thing, AT ALL. I usually dip down to coverline at least once before now, and it just keeps rising. YAY?! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/scorpioma

I wish I had charted more in the TWW periods in other months, but I have just enough to see that. 

I know triphasic charts don't indicate pregnancy, but they occur in 12% of pregnancy charts and only 5% of non-pregnancy charts (according to FF).

Who knows. Still encouraging. Trying to remain open to all possibilities at this point.

Those of you who watch this board are probably just giggling or feeling bad for me regarding my nutso symptom spotting...shy.gif

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i saw two movies in the theater this weekend (which was kind of exhausting, actually) and spent a day in portland with some friends. i was definitely distracted for most of the weekend, but i don't really have any firm plans in the next week. i better overschedule myself asap. the second half of the tww is definitely the worst. 


scorp - thanks for noticing that crazy spike. wth! your numbers are looking good! 

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scorioma -I am definitely a symptom imagine-er too!  The last month we tried, I was experiencing all sorts of "pregnancy" symptoms, google-ing like crazy and getting so hopeful.  Turns out, 2 hours later, I go to the restroom and AF had arrived.  They were all my normal AF symptoms and I didn't even realize it until after, then I was all like, "Duh, you are such an idiot."  and then cried a bunch because it was our last cycle trying for a while....  Here's to hoping you will have symptoms that are the real deal!


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I don't feel anything. Nothing. Nil. And I am thinking about it less than during the days around insemination. We're very busy at work this week with hundreds of exams and a new colleage starting tomorrow, who I'll have to train, so not much time to think. I did some running for 90 minutes both days this weekend and felt pretty good. I am trying to live without caffein which is hard and I try not to gross DP out with the progesterone pills I have to take (hint: not taken orally). Those are nasty, but they gave me the highest post-ovulation temps ever. I tested out my trigger and this morning was the first negative pregnancy test, so it took about 5 days to get rid of the 5000 units of hcg.
We also came clean to my mom and my step-dad on saturday. We went out to a rock concert and had dinner beforehand, where we told them that we're trying to create grandchild no. 5. They were pretty speechless and very happy. They want this so much for us. My sister-in-law had just asked my mom last week if we would ever have kids. My stepdad seemed close to crying. When I mentioned that it is fricking expensive, my mom immediatly offered to pay for meds. So sweet.
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my brain is not working properly. i keep using the wrong words and struggling to string together sentences. i am afraid people are going to think im a burn-out. last night i filled the kitchen dish soap dispenser with hand soap. that was a delightful mess to clean up. and i completely forgot to temp this morning.

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Just finished my LAST EXAM for the semester!!!

Now just tomorrow I have to work the last day of my internship and then a break where I can properly rest and then start testing... Today is 8DPO (wow, I'm getting there!) and I want to maybe test on 10 or 12DPO... 

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So how is everybody in the TWW doing? Are you tempted to test early? Any weird symptoms?

9 DPO here. I just finished our huge christmas grocery shopping and managed not to buy a test. If I don't have anything to pee on, I can't get disappointed. I don't feel anything so I am thinking that it probaly didn't work. Next Thursday or Friday I should know for sure. Yesterday I did a 10km "end of world" race, which also was a fundraiser to pay for sports therapy for kids who had cancer. We all dressed up in fun costumes and raised 350€ in an hour. I had some trouble pacing myself and staying relaxed, and also had to endure some comments from my running mates who don't know that we're TTC and slightly mocked me for being slow.
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pretty good here, at 12DPO... temp. dropped some, was discouraging, and yes I tested already (big FAIL and BFN!)

Waiting and waiting, as usual... Symptoms not as present today as they were the first week.

Feel more normal. All I know is that this means nothing winky.gif


Haha, Friederike, if you are pregnant wait until they find out WHY you were slow!


mrsandmrs, how are you hanging in there? 

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11dpo for me. my clinic tested my progesterone on 8dpo and it was a little lower than they'd like, so they upped that to three times a day. i really hate taking progesterone, so that was pretty much my worst case scenario. i am still exhausted (going to bed at 8pm). my breasts are killing me, nipples on fire, super bloated. i haven't gained any weight, though, which is weird because i feel like a balloon. i think we are going to test on 12 dpo, maybe? it is a fine line between hopefulness and crushing disappointment. 

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mrsandmrs, well said. our situations sound very similar. breast/nipple tenderness is very unusual for me, but I still worry it's my mind making it happen. I'm sorry you have to take progesterone. 

we won't have to be walking that terrible line for much longer! I just want to know, you know?!

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Mrs- what is it about the progesterone that you don't like? Do you get side effects? I am currently on 200mg a day. It totally scares my DP away fom my lady bits which is kinda hard (but perhaps a preparation for life with a young child) but otherwise I don't notice anything negative.
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Friederike - if i use the pills vaginally, the discharge grosses me out and irritates my lady bits (and yes, cuts into my sex life considerably!). if i take it orally, it puts me right to sleep. for at least six hours. i cant win either way. i am taking a 200 mg three times a day. 

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Oh my. That's really hard. I am sorry you have to endure all this. But better they caught the low levels early with your test, than chancing to loose an otherwise healthy pregnancy, right? If you're testing today, I wish you god luck!
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friederike, you're right. it is better to catch it early and i would rather suffer the wrath of progesterone pills than lose it. i forgot to mention that the progesterone also messes up my temps so that it's impossible to read my chart reliably, which is super frustrating for me.




uhm? i was not sure that these things could actually show a line? i was so surprised, i took three. apparently it IS possible.



I title this "3AM, By Lamp Light"

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That is SO A LINE!!!
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my face is like this



it's not even 4am yet and i have cried twice !

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HOORAY!!!!!!!!! M&M, you're PREGNANT!!!
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