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2013 in 2013

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I realize that there are still a few more weeks left in 2012, however, I plan on getting a little start on my 2013 things. I started over twice so I figure my 2012 goal was met a while ago. I have accumulated more things than I would like to have. So join me now if you would like or wait until 2013!


These things were donateed yesterday.


1.twin mattress

2.twin bed frame









11. bag of baby clothes

12. baby gym

13. boppy pillow

14. jeans




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I'll be new to the challenge this year. Our house isn't too cluttered, but I do have a hard time getting what we don't need out of the house!


1. Shirt

2. Soap (this was a quick in and out, MIL gave it to me but I hate perfume soap so re-gifted to my mom)

3. Lotion


I have a bunch of things on Freecyle, and a bag to donate after the holidays, so hopefully I'll have a lot more to add to the list soon!



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I've always wanted to join this thread, but I haven't thought about it/seen it until almost December, when there's no way I could get rid of that much stuff! So I will join now, and start probably after Christmas. smile.gif

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I'm going to join! Do y'all just count things you donate, or things you just throw away, too? Like old hole-y socks that I know nobody wants so I toss in the trash, would you count those?

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I will be joining in too! Is anyone going to start the room by room monthly organization thread? I plan on re organizing our bedroom and donating a few boxes from there in January! 

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I was the one who actually started the 2012 in 2012 thread, but didn't quite get there...I lost count and motivation to finish it out around 700+ items and August...when I had a surprise pregnancy. I do plan on clearing out what I can from the house between now and March-ish when I will have to start taking it easier cause baby girl is due in April...but I bet I can jump back in come June-July. Unfortunately, even though my house is close to "done" as far as weeding things out, we have a messy garage and a bunch of stuff in the attic as well...so I think even taking a three month or so break in there I will still be able to make my goal for 2013!! orngbiggrin.gif
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I starting doing this here on MDC in 2008! I made a chart this year to give away on my blog:


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I am in. Do you list everything? This will be good for me to get rid of STUFF

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I already started which may be cheating, lol.


1-30 old towels and rags I donated (I don't even know why I had so many. There's still more to be washed and donated, too!)

30-35 pillowcases


1978 to go.

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Joining this year too! I only made it to roughly 750 in 2011, but decluttered 2028 items in 2012. But am raring to go again! I have already started sorting (major cleaning of the attic today although this stuff won't leave until a consignment sale in February. But I did pitch a holey pair of socks!

1 pair of socks trashed

I'm excited to meet the goal again this year-then maybe the house will seem much more livable!!
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Ooh I like it. Could use some of this!
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I started 2012 attempting this challenge but only made it as far as February.  We really need to do this for 2013.  We have our 6th child due the end of January (our last) and I will finally be able to donate/ pass down the baby clothes as the new little one grows.


We also have WAY TOO MANY TOYS in this house.  I have boxes that I need to go through that have been in closets for almost 5yrs.  shake.gif  That will be done before the new babe comes to make some room for him/ her.


I'll be starting January 1st.

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Getting a bit of an early start, if that's alright.


1. Book

2. Book

3. Book

4. Book

5. Book

6. Book

7. Book

8. Book

9. Book

10. Book

11. Book

12. Book

13. Book

14. Book

15. Book

16. Book

17. Book

18. Book



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OK last night/this morning-


5 toys

4 shirts

3 stuffed animals



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Last night I started, and got 3 garbage bags to trash, and three to donate.
I was happy to just get it done, amd was worried counting objects would get in the way.
I'm going to call it 30!

1-10 shirts, sweaters
10-20 toy pieces
21-23 purses
24- 26 -jeans
26-30 papers!

Now to actually get the donations out of the house!
Cleaned out bathroom - 15!

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Ok,s o a little warm up for me. I tossed a bottle of body lotion (last Xmas gift which smells awful) and put a few kids clothes which are too small in a bag for the donation bin. Going to call it 4/2013. smile.gif
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Oh and I resisted buying a tin of biscuits on sale - who needs that tin anyway. smile.gif
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I am in! I've got a bag ready to go, but forgot to count. I'll do that before bed and start a fresh bag in the morning!

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Getting a bit of an early start, if that's alright.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


1-18. Books

19. Pair of jeans

20. Pair of capris

21. Bag of grocery bags for recycling

22. Bag of bags

23. Bag of bags

24. CD

25. CD

26. CD

27. CD

28. Justin Bieber t-shirt










Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


29. Bag of trash (broken toys/wrappers/etc.) from cleaning out/straightening play room

30. Box of K'Nex (to take back to my mom's)

31. Book to go back to my mom's

32. Book back to my mom's

33. Book back to my mom's

34. Book back to my mom's

35. Book back to my mom's

36. Book back to my mom's

37. Book back to my mom's

38. Book back to my mom's

39. Book back to my mom's

40. Book back to my mom's

41. Book back to my mom's

42. Book back to my mom's

43. Book back to my mom's

44. Book back to my mom's

45. Book back to my mom's

46. Book back to my mom's

47. Book back to my mom's

48. Duplicate Kids' book

49. Duplicate Kids' book

50. Duplicate Kids' book

51. Box of toys

52. Snowsuit

53. Baby dress

54. Tank-top

55. Black skort

56. Pink skort

57. Pair of jeans

58. Long sleeve shirt

59. Pajama top

60. Pair of pants

61. Rain coat

62. Long sleeve shirt

63. Long sleeve shirt

64. Cars toddler comforter

65. T-shirt

66. Capris

67. Long sleeve shirt

68. Jeans

69. Rango DVD

70. Duplicate book

71. Duplicate book

72. Dark Angel PS2 game

73. Spiderman PS2 game

74. Mortal Kombat Wii game

75. Book back to my dad

76. Pajama top

77. Long sleeve shirt

78. Bandana

79. Bandana

80. Bandana

81. Bandana

82. Magazine

83. Magazine

84. Magazine

85. Magazine

86. Magazine

87. Magazine

88. Magazine

89. Magazine

90. Magazine

91. Shorts






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Cleaned out my drawers. Felt great. Got rid of about 10 old tops.

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