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+ 8 expired medicine boxes (cardboard in recycling, bottles and pills back to pharmacist for safe disposal)


369 out of 2013


1644 to go !

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Originally Posted by prosciencemum View Post


Gave away rickety old book case (feel like that should be more than 1!).

Tossed 3 old kids cups.
Tossed pair old kids trousers.

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70+ 3 condoms

1 sleepingbag

1 box of tea- very very old!!!



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Originally Posted by prosciencemum View Post



Did a lot of sorting out downstairs and tossed/put for charity shop a bunch of old bits and shoes. So I'm giving myself 20 things. smile.gif

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1 pair of jeans

1 glass jar formerly used as my q-tip holder

5 pairs of socks (i can no longer tolerate mid-legnth socks)

1 pair dress pants

1 belt

1 blue pastic serving bowl


=10;   661/2013

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Originally Posted by prosciencemum View Post

Did a lot of sorting out downstairs and tossed/put for charity shop a bunch of old bits and shoes. So I'm giving myself 20 things. smile.gif


Forgot the old bath toys I tossed.

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+ 9 (mainly school stuff from last year for DS)

378 out of 2013

1635 to go !

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Old Total: 127/2013


I wasn't going to count online clutter in my total tally, but I just spent the whole day de-cluttering my inbox (and I feel as if I hardly made a dent). So I'm counting it, since it is super cold and I didn't feel like doing anything else. cold.gif


So...I am counting every 500 emails purged from my Inbox as 10 items. And yes, the number below means I purged 6,000 emails. And I still have 11,000 to go! yikes2.gif


 - 120 digital items purged


New Total: 247/2013

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Donated: 50 children's books my daughter has outgrown 



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I've been slow to add anything as I have been working hard sorting and tagging for the consignment sale we have coming up in a week and a half. But I finished tagging today. I won't count the items until they have officially left my house however, so that will be next week. In the meantime I have :
7 worn socks-trash
1 sweater to friend
9 junky old toys trashed
2 old bottles of meds trashed
22 old food items trashed
1 pair torn rain boots trashed
10 misc. pieces of junk trashed

52 + 1 = 53/2013

Next week's entry will jump my total up a lot....can't wait!! And I might make a goodwill drop in the meantime. smile.gif
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Threw away meat thermometer clearly not working (roast dinner yum!).

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Start:  320


7 of DH's tshirts- upcycled into diapers & doublers

7 threadbare pocket inserts- textile recycling


334/ 2013

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+ 36




1599 to go !

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box of kid clothes to consignment

several bottles of perfumey lotion regifted

bag of papers shredded from desk purge

bag of papers recycled from desk purge

misc. packages of expired food from kitchen trashed angry.gif

broken items: cat food dish, immersion blender, 3 toys, 2 planters, 2 coffee mugs

plastic Xmas tree donated



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7 boxes of old paperwork to the shred shop, lots of stuff to Good Will. Woo hoo!


I haven't been doing this right. lol.gif  I haven't been listing here on this thread the stuff I've decluttered.  That's alright, I like to peek in here periodically and see what everyone else is tossing.

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1 roll of crackers

1 pile of junk, trashed

1 something i was keeping for something, but can't remember what or why... hm... must have been important



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5 instruction manuals for already-decluttered electronics




adding a few more....


2 cardboard boxes

1 big pile of papers

3 magazines

5 annuals

5 random bits of toys



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donated or tossed:


1 old exhibitor ribbon

1 jar of home-dried chives, very old never used :(

3 bags of bags, recycled

1 pile of shredding

1 container of goji berries, from my infertility days

1 container of soup i tried but dont care for

1 broken goggle strap

2 mugs donated

1 mug returned to owner

1 tupperware returned to owner

4 ice cube trays (i have way too many)

2 magazines

1 vase

1 jar full of homemade mystery spice

1 water bottle

1 water glass, given to a friend


= 23 more + 664 = 687

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12 more broken plastic toys to the trash.



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7 pieces of silverware to a friend

1 cup

2, salt and pepper shaker

10-piece plastic silverware donated

9-piece old silverware, donated

1 broken knife from above old silverware set, trashed

1 teapot, given to a friend

2 serving utensils, given back to their owner


=33 more + 687 = 720!!!

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